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Long-Term Global Oil Market Service

FGE’s Long-Term Global Oil Market Service gives a holistic view on the future of crude and products supply/demand/pricing, the global refining operating environment, and crude and products trade. 

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FGE’s Long-Term Global Oil Market Service gives a detailed view on the oil market’s future, providing independent and strategic outlooks of crude and products supply/demand/pricing, the global refining operating environment, and crude and products trade.

FGE’s Long-Term Global Oil Market Service is comprised of four studies released annually, that give a comprehensive view of the major structural shifts in crude and oil products markets over the coming decades, across the full length of the value chain:


Each of these studies is accompanied by an interactive support service comprising a presentation and discussion of the coverage and conclusions, either in person or via WebEx/conference link, as well as detailed data sets and access to consultation with our team of experts.

Sectors & Benefits

  • Leading Fundamental Analysis Up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of the fundamentals drivers in the global oil markets, together with detailed long-term projections of crude and products supply, demand, and trade, and refinery investments and capacity additions.
  • Identify Key Emerging Issues Our suite of reports allows you to identify the key sensitivities and risk factors inherent in the long-term oil market, enabling you to capture the upsides and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Accurate Price Forecasts FGE’s vast knowledge and experience analyzing the long-term oil markets has enabled us to deliver highly accurate price forecasting data to clients over the years covering oil prices, refinery margins and product prices.
  • Rapid Assessment of Events Utilization of knowledge and experience which allows rapid assessment of current and future condensate and naphtha market happenings.
  • Access to FGE's Oil Team All products of the long-service come with interactive workshops. Clients of this service can benefit from having access to technical and/or commercial information on the oil markets.

Scope of Coverage

  • Sectors
    • Power
    • Industry
    • Air Transport
    • Agriculture
    • Bunkers
    • Petrochemicals
    • Road Transport
    • Residential and Commercial
    • Refinery Fuel
  • Products
    • LPG
    • Gasoline
    • Gasoil/Diesel
    • Others (ethane, petcoke, bitumen, lubricants, etc.)
    • Naphtha
    • Jet/Kerosene
    • Fuel Oil
  • Regions*
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • OECD Asia
    • *incl. further breakdown by sub-regions and over 100 countries
    • Latin America
    • FSU
    • Africa
    • Non-OECD Asia
  • Prices
    • Crude: (Dated Brent, WTI, Dubai, Urals, LLS, Mars, etc.)
    • Margins: NWE Brent Hydroskimming/Cracking, Med Urals Hydroskimming/Cracking, USGC LLS Cracking, Mars Coking, Singapore Dubai Hydroskimming, Dubai Resid Cracking, Dubai Hydrocracking
    • *NW Europe, Mediterranean, USGC, and Singapore
    • Products*: (LPG, naphtha, gasoline (92/95, premium, regular), jet/kero, gasoil/diesel (10/50/500 ppm), LS-SRFO, LSFO, HSFO, 0.5% BFO)
    • Cracks*: (Naphtha, gasoline, jet/kero, diesel, gasoil, LSFO, an HSFO)

This Service Will Add Value To

  • Major Oil Companies who need an outside, independent assessment of market developments to compare with their own, internal forecasts.
  • National Oil Companies requiring new perspectives on price formation, potential trends in the future.
  • Financial Institutions and Investment Funds whether investing or trading, these reports will provide a comprehensive basis for assessing risks, particularly in aiding near/mid-term portfolio strategies.
  • Crude Oil Producers looking for changing trends in crude oil demand, prices, and quality considerations.
  • International/Government Organizations who need an independent, non-political perspective on the international oil market and an understanding of key elements likely to drive future oil prices.
  • Independent Refiners needing a perspective on the extent to which the emerging pressures on their business emanate from local or international sources, including obtaining detailed supply-side projections of crude to highlight potential new sources of supply.
  • Integrated Companies seeking an outside perspective on the likely future economic operating environment within the downstream sector.
  • Crude and Products Traders trying to identify emerging underlying shifts in trade flows.
  • Shipping Companies seeking detailed frameworks covering the key elements driving their business in the long term, including analysis of potential tanker demand, and the overall implications of the new IMO bunker regulations.


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