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Energy Transition Coverage

Helping you to navigate the transition from hydrocarbons to green energy


Helping you navigate towards a greener future

FGE’s coverage of the Energy Transition provides comprehensive analysis and data to help mitigate the risks involved in transitioning your business strategies and investment towards a net-zero-carbon future.

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  • Introduction

    In today’s world, most energy companies are either considering or actively implementing plans to transition away from hydrocarbons as the world aims to move towards net-zero carbon emissions. However, navigating the various decarbonization trends, government policies and the complexities involved in moving to a greener business strategy can be confusing.

    Our energy transition coverage aims to simplify things for you, by providing independent short-term analysis and insights on decarbonization, alternative fuels, commercial opportunities, and the impact they have on the markets. Together, these will help you better understand the short-term challenges and opportunities.

  • Analysis and insights

    On the report side we provide you with the latest insights and analysis on new trends, government policies, technologies, alternative fuels, decarbonisation projects, carbon pricing and developments, as well as new commercial opportunities. Product wise, our Energy Transition reports cover ammonia, hydrogen, biofuels, carbon trading and Emission Trading Schemes (ETS), wind/solar, electric vehicles, methanol, synthetic fuels, carbon neutral oil and gas, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and batteries to give users a fully comprehensive overview of the Energy Transition sector.

    In terms of sectors, our analysis and insights cover road, air, marine, petrochemicals/industry, power, residential and storage.

  • Data analytics

    On the data side, we provide historical and forward-looking pricing data for energy prices (Asian JMM Spot Price, Europe TTF, US Henry Hub, ICE Brent, Singapore HSFO, Newcastle Coal); EUA and UKA futures pricing; carbon pricing; and sales data for plug-in vehicles and their market share in China, USA and the EU. In addition, we also look at coal-to-gas switching, carbon capture capacity, and costs.

  • What you will get

    As part of our Energy Transition coverage, clients will receive regular reports, alerts and commentaries in email or PDF format, regularly updated Excel data sets, contact with our expert consultants/analysts via email/conference-call/telephone/in-person meetings, invites to complementary market update webinars and ongoing consultations with key members of our New Energy team.

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How we can help you

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Key insights into new trends, policies and technologies


In-depth coverage and analysis of carbon pricing


Tracking new decarbonization projects and developments


Comparative analysis of new fuels


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Research & Analysis

New -Energy -Service -Overview

New Energy Service

FGE's New Energy Service provides decision makers in the energy sector with key insights and market analysis on the energy transition, decarbonisation, alternative fuels and the commercial opportunities and challenges these changes bring.
New -Energy -Foresights -Overview

New Energy Foresights

Released in PDF format every two-weeks, each report focuses on key developments in the alternative fuel markets and contains a forward-looking feature.

Annual Reports

Strategic Outlook for Energy Study

Strategic Outlook for Energy

The annual Strategic Outlook for Energy is FGE’s core analytical report for its perspectives on future developments in the energy transition, oil demand, supply and prices to 2050.

Multi-Client Studies

FGE's Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Study

The Outlook for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

In this study, FGE tackles some of the most common questions about the future of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).
Hydrogen and Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)

Hydrogen and Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)

FGE’s Hydrogen and Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) report provides insight into hydrogen’s place in the energy transition and the potential for CCUS to help meet carbon reduction targets.