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LNG Commercial Advisory Services (CAS)


Strategic, client-focused and confidential expert support

FGE’s LNG commercial team has engaged in the review and finalization of more than ten major LNG commercial contracts over the past three years, involving major international oil companies (IOCs), traditional Asian & Middle Eastern LNG suppliers, portfolio players, as well as buyers from the new markets.

At FGE, we work together with our clients to provide independent and fresh perspectives to facilitate the execution of their strategic and organizational objectives. We are often embedded within new and existing teams within organizations to provide strategic commercial support, enhancing the capabilities of our client teams.

Our clients’ interests are our first priority and we pride ourselves in providing independent, active guidance and advice; helping our clients achieve their commercial goals, even under challenging circumstances.

Specific members of FGE’s commercial team are made available for each advisory study, with at least one Senior Management staff leading the project. Our CAS (Commercial Advisory Service) is generally executed by Senior Management members only. Studies and CAS generally go hand-in-hand, but the client has the option to take them up separately according to their needs and requirements.

Subject-specific studies form the foundation of the confidential nature of work commissioned by the client and present FGE’s independent and objective views on the defined scope of work.

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How we can help you

Why FGE?

  • Thought Leader - FGE is seen as a thought leader when it comes to providing consultation on the gas/LNG industry and our gas/LNG team has extensive experience and deep knowledge and insights in every aspect of the LNG market value chain.
  • Introductions to Key Players - FGE can guide you to the correct individuals and institutions to ensure successful investments in the LNG industry.
  • Vast Level of Expertise - Our vast experience representing companies in various ways, including legal cases which take the form of expert witness & arbitration cases, commercial contracts, and mergers & acquisitions (M&A).
  • Access to FGE's Gas/LNG Team - Clients of our commercial advisory services can benefit from having consistent access to FGE's team of expert consultants, analysts and senior members.

How we can help you

Scope of Coverage

  • Management Level Support
    • Executive/Board Level Briefings
    • Guidance Through Political and Regulatory Environment
    • Training of High Potential Individuals/Identification of Talents
    • Key Introductions
    • Expert Witness/Testimony
  • Transaction and Marketing Support
    • RFP, MSPA, HOA, and SPA Design
    • Spot/ST LNG Purchase Support
    • LNG Contract Negotiation Services
    • Facilitate Deal Transactions
    • In-Depth Evaluation of Techno-Commercial Terms of an LNG terms sheet, HOA, or SPA
    • Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions/Transactions
    • Identification of Business Development Opportunities
    • Marketing of Gas Projects
  • Project and Business Support
    • Due Diligence for Fuel Supply/Procurement
    • LNG Portfolio Management
    • Facilitation of Relationships Between Buyers and Sellers
    • Commercial Briefings for Mid-Level Executives
    • Optimization & Risk Modeling
    • LNG Market/Project Assessments
    • LNG Pricing Formulas and Modeling
  • Strategic Planning
    • Strategic Assessments (including scoping studies)
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Fuel Switching Modeling
    • Market Entry Assessments
    • Gas/LNG Marketing Strategies
    • Country Specific Market Assessments
    • Contract Price Studies
    • Strategic Policy Planning
    • Gas/LNG Procurement/Sourcing Strategies

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Further Information

If you require additional information on our LNG Commercial Advisory Services (CAS) or you would like to discus ways in which FGE can assist you with your commercial project, please contact your local FGE office.

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