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FGE has been providing consistently accurate and reliable crude, oil products and LNG price forecasts to an array of clients for many years, including national oil and gas companies, integrated companies, refiners, traders and financial companies.


Short-Term Coverage (12 months ahead)

  • Monthly and Quarterly Crude Price Forecasts
    • Dated Brent (BFOE)
    • WTI
    • Dubai
    • Urals Med
  • Oil Product Prices (NW Europe, Med, USGC, Singapore)
  • LNG Price Forecasts (Asia Spot, NBP, Asia New Long-Term)
  • Weighted Average LNG Import/Export prices
  • Monthly and Quarterly Price Differentials
    • WTI/Brent
    • Brent/Dubai
    • Brent/Urals
  • LNG Contracts Pricing
  • LNG Price Outlook (Asia Spot vs. Long-Term Price)
  • Monthly North Asian LNG Import Prices
  • Price Outlook (Asia Long-Term Contract Slope)



Long-Term Coverage (to 2040)

FGE's long-term price forecast provides Dated Brent annual averages out to 2040.

Features & Benefits

  • Long history of providing reliable and accurate price forecasts (short and long-term)
  • Short-Term monthly forecasts and Long-Term annual forecasts
  • Available in Excel format, allowing you to easily manipulate our data, integrate it into your own systems, and create custom charts.


FGE's Price Forecasts are available in Excel format, as part of the below products/services.

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