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FGE's Oil Market Webinars

Live Updates on the Oil Market

FGE is always looking at new ways to update our clients on the latest movements in the oil, gas/LNG, and NGLs markets. Our regular live update webinars are just one way of achieving that.

FGE’s webinars provide an excellent opportunity for us to keep our clients updated on the latest happenings within the crude, oil products, natural gas, LNG, NGLs and new energy markets. In addition, our interactive webinars enable clients to engage with our specialist teams and ask questions pertinent to the topic at hand.

Our webinars are complimentary for all FGE clients, and are typically held twice in the same day to accommodate clients from around the world.

Over the past 12 months we have successfully held the following oil market webinars:

  • How will the imminent Russian crude import ban affect European refiners? - Oct 2022
  • Setting up a new Middle Distillate Pricing Framework for 2023 - Dec 2022
  • FGE's New Energy Market Webinar - April 2023
  • FGE's Strategic Outlook for Energy Webinar - October 2023
  • TMX Pipeline Start-Up: Impact on Flows and Production - March 2024


Upcoming Webinars: