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Fundamentals of the Oil Business - Training

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Program Overview

FGE’s customized training services provide clients with the fundamentals of the oil business, allowing the client to develop an understanding of the key issues, ongoing trends, and upcoming pivotal moments in the market.

This program is designed to build the knowledge/expertise for analysts, traders, planners, and technicians in the essential fundamentals behind the oil markets, covering production, demand, refining, storage, transportation, and pricing.

Our client-tailored training programs provide an excellent opportunity for your company to leverage the skills and insights of our consultants through a 2-day intensive program designed in consultation with your company to ensure targeted training.

How Can FGE Help You?

Objectives of This Program:

  • Provide participants with a basic groundwork covering the main fundamental aspects of the oil and gas/LNG markets.
  • Enhance participant's depth of knowledge, to help accelerate the next stage of their development.
  • Allow participants to broaden their expertise, to help see the things in the wider context of the oil and gas/LNG industries.
  • Provide a refresher course for specialists, in order for them to keep up with developments elsewhere.

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals looking for a comprehensive introduction to oil market fundamentals.
  • Operators/traders aiming to develop a complete understanding of the fundamentals affecting their activities.
  • Research analysts in corporate/trading functions who are looking to broaden their knowledge of the oil market.
  • Technicians keen to widen their expertise, in order to put it in the broader context of the oil market.

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What Will be Covered?

This training program can be tailored to meet the needs of the client. To discuss how we can tailor this training program to meet your needs, please contact a member of our sales team.

  • Overview of crude and petroleum products markets.
  • Oil exploration, development, and production.
  • Economics of oil production; focus on tight oil.
  • Trends in oil demand (country/sector/products).
  • Supply and demand outlook in the global context.
  • Overview of the refining sector.
  • Products supply/demand balances.
  • Economics of transportation and storage
  • Overview of refining economics.
  • Crude/products trade flow outlook.
  • Overview of refining economics.
  • Crude/products trade flow outlook.
  • Oil and products pricing; key drivers.
  • Crude price differentials/structures.
  • Outlook for crude and product prices.
  • Potential impact of producer/consumer policies.
  • Challenges and opportunities in the oil market.
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