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Gas/LNG Data

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FGE's Gas/LNG data services allow clients to flexibly query our very own proprietary data, enhancing their ability to make strategic decisions and identify opportunities across the global Gas/LNG value chain.

Clients of our Gas/LNG data are able to obtain an accurate and comprehensive picture as to where the global Gas/LNG markets are headed.

Scope of Coverage

  • Supply
    • Uncontracted LNG Supply
    • Gas Supply to 2040 (base-case, low-case, high-case)
    • Contracts vs. Uncontracted LNG Volumes
  • Demand
    • LNG Demand vs. Contracted Supply
    • Regasification Capacity vs. Demand by Country
    • LNG Demand Comparison by Country/Region
    • Regasification Capacity vs. Demand by Country
  • Pricing
    • LNG Price Forecasts (Asia Spot, NBP, Asia New Long-Term)
    • Weighted Average Import/Export Prices
    • Price Outlook (Asia Long-Term Contract Slope)
    • LNG Contracts Pricing
    • Price Outlook (Asia Spot vs. Long-Term Price)
    • Monthly North Asian LNG Import Prices
  • Liquefaction & Regas
    • Liquefaction Capacity
    • Supply vs. Capacity
    • Trends in Regasification Terminals
    • Equity and Offtakes
    • Regasification Capacity (by project/country/region and by company)
  • Trade
    • Historical Import Prices and Volumes
    • North Asia Monthly LNG Import Volumes
    • Asian Spot/Short-Term Trade by Market
    • Global LNG Monthly Imports (by Region)
    • Pipeline Trade
  • Contracts
    • Contracted LNG Volumes (by project and company)
    • LNG Contract Trends
    • LNG Portfolio Details

Country Profiles

Individual country profiles are available for each of the below listed countries. These profiles include gas supply and demand data, including demand by sector.


FGE's data for the Gas/LNG markets can be found in Excel format and also in our LNG Online Data System (ODS).