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Leverage the skills and insights of our senior management and consultants

FGE has supported many companies with their training needs, and works closely with our clients to deliver leading client-focused in-house training.

FGE's training programs provide an excellent opportunity for your company leverage the skills and insights of our senior management and consultants through a variety of in-house and on-the-job training sessions.

How we can help you

Scope of coverage

How we can help you

Key features & benefits

  • Client Tailored Training - All our training programs are fully customized to meet the needs of the client, allowing your staff to gain maximum benefit from the sessions covered.
  • Time Sensitive Training - Many of our fundamental training programs can be delivered within a 2-day period; perfect for instances where time is an issue.
  • Analytics - Our on-the-job training will enable participants to become fully familiarized with the analytical techniques used to develop the supply/demand/price data used in our annual Databooks.
  • Recognized Thought Leader - By choosing FGE, you are choosing a thought leader within the oil and gas/LNG industry to meet your training needs.
  • Enhance Your Staff's Knowledge - FGE training programs provide the tools required to enable your staff to build their fundamental knowledge of the oil and gas/LNG markets.
  • High Quality Data - Your staff will learn from not only some of the most renowned speakers in the industry, but they will also have access to the highest quality data available throughout their training sessions.