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FGE is an international energy consultancy group specializing in providing world-class research and analysis of both regular and complex aspects of the oil and gas market, in a way that is tailored to meet the needs of our clients.


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Our expert insights into the oil and gas markets will allow you to increase your understanding of the key market behaviours and make more accurate and strategic decisions for the future, putting you ahead of your competitors.


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FGE's analysis, forecasting, and knowledge is delivered through an array of products and services, in a way that meets the needs of our clients; from independent consultation, to strategic data-sets and in-depth retainer reports.


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FGE's bespoke consultancy services provide support to companies and government organizations who are looking to increase their understanding and insight of the complexities that exist within the oil and gas market.


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  • International Ethane Outlook Through 2020
  • Iran Post Sanctions: Business and Investment Opportunities in the Iranian Oil and Gas Sector