FGE is an international energy consultancy group specializing in providing world-class research and analysis of both regular and complex aspects of the oil and gas market.


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Our expert insights and knowledge on the global oil markets enable you to develop a deep understanding of the key markets, allowing you to make better informed decisions.


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Our gas/LNG services are the perfect fit for clients looking for valuable insights, analysis, strategic advice, and data on the global gas/LNG market dynamics.


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    • Crude Trade FrontpageGlobal Crude Trade Study 2016

      This study explores the complex dynamics of crude trade, by drawing on detailed bottom-up analysis of our Long-Term Crude Supply Outlook and Long-Term Refinery Forecast, and analyzing and testing various hypotheses.


    • AWRO 2016 FrontpageAnnual World Refining Outlook

      In this year's study of the refining industry we look at how the gasoline and distillate supply/demand balances will evolve over and the impact on refiners as well as issues such as the progress of refinery investments, plan closures, inter-regional trade flows, and the margin environment.


    • North _dakota _smallNorth Dakota Oil Data/Analysis

      North Dakota has been producing oil and gas since 1951, but it was with recent technological advancements in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing that North Dakota has become a one of the largest tight oil players within the United States.