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For many years, FGE's leading independent analytics and forecasts of the oil markets has benefited a wide variety of clients across the globe.

One area FGE specialize in is the refining sector. Our coverage of the refining industry is underpinned by in-house models and over five decades of refining expertise. FGE's refining analytics provide clients with in-depth forward-looking outlooks for various aspects of the sector, including:

  • Analytics of future refining developments
  • Forecast of refinery maintenance schedules
  • Calculation of bespoke refinery margins and GPWs
  • Forecast of refinery utilisation and run rates

Scope of Coverage

  • Refinery Runs
    • Refinery Runs (Global and by Region)
  • Margins
    • Complex and Simple Refining Margins (NWE Brent, Med Urals, USGC LLS, Sing Dubai)
    • Refining Margin Benchmarks (NWE Brent, Med Urals, USGC LLS, Sing Dubai)
  • Product Cracks
    • Products Include: Naphtha, Gasoline, Gasoline Regular (USGC LLS), Gasoline Premium (USGC LLS), Gasoline 92 (Sing Dubai), Gasoline 95 (Sing Dubai), Jet/Kero, Diesel, Gasoil, Gasoil 500ppm (Sing Dubai), Gasoil 10ppm (Sing Dubai), LSFO (excl. Sing Dubai), HSFO
    • Short-Term and Long-Term Forecasts (to 2030)
  • Maintenance
    • Forecast list of outages (Region, Country, Company, Refinery Name, Start/End Date, CDU, Size (kb/d))
    • CDU Outages by Region/Country (Planned/Unplanned)
  • Refinery Investment
    • New Refineries/CDU Capacity Coming Onstream
    • M&A Activity
    • Shut Ins/Decommissioning
    • Upgrades
    • Project Delays/Cancellations
    • Regional Reviews (Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, FSU, North America, Latin America)
  • Utilisation Rates
    • By Region to 2030
  • Refining Capacity
    • Refining Capacity by Region to 2030
    • Assumed Refining Capacity Additions/Closures (kb/cd and kb/sd)
    • Refining Capacity by Sub-Region to 2030
    • Spare Refining Capacity


FGE's data for the Gas/LNG markets can be found in Excel format and also in our LNG Online Data System (ODS).

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