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Singapore Gas/LNG Data File

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The Gas Databooks provides a deep dive into the Asia Pacific gas/LNG markets on a country/region level and incorporates FGE’s gas/LNG balance forecasts out to 2050 under various scenarios (base/low/high).

It analyzes individual markets and the gas and LNG demand outlook relative to the Base Case in both ‘high’ and ‘low’ oil and LNG price environments for select price sensitive markets. The Databook also summarizes the global LNG supply/demand outlook as well as regional LNG demand coverage for the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, and LatAm.

The Singapore Natural Gas Outlook data pack provides a deep-dive view of gas supply, demand, trade, and infrastructure in the country.


This data pack contains (click on the Excel deliverable to download an example data-file):

FGE Gas Databook 2022 Singapore Country Report.PDF

552 KB

FGE Gas Databook 2022-Singapore-Datafile.xls

416 KB

Scope of Coverage

  • Table of Contents
    • Market Snapshot: Gas/LNG Procurement is Critical for Singapore’s Energy Future
    • Key Changes in the Gas Market
    • Gas Market Characteristics
    • Gas Balance Outlook and Forecast
    • LNG Procurement and Contracting
    • LNG Demand Scenarios
    • Overview of Gas Infrastructure
    • Base Case Gas Balance Table
    • Appendix
  • List of Figures
    • Gas Consumption by Sector, Bscf/d
    • LNG Demand, mt
    • USEP Spot Power Prices, S$/MWh
    • Market Structure of Singapore’s Domestic Gas Industry 
    • Power Generation Capacity, GW
    • Historical LNG Import Prices, US$/MMBtu 
    • Singapore GHG Emissions, t CO2e 
    • Power Supply by Source, TWh
    • Singapore’s Pipeline Gas Import Contracts
    • LNG Demand vs Contracted Supply, mt
    • LNG Demand Scenarios, mt
    • Singapore’s Domestic Gas Infrastructure 
    • Singapore’s Gas Import Pipelines 
    • Singapore’s Regasification Terminals
    • Gas Balance, MMscf/d
    • Gas Demand Mix, Bscf/d
    • Gas Supply Mix, Bscf/d