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Oil & Products


Oil & Products


FGE provides a deep and solid understanding of the oil market fundamentals, together with a comprehensive awareness of the implications they have on the rest of the oil value chain, at a global, regional, and product level.

Our comprehensive understanding of what is currently happening in the oil market, and where the market is heading allows clients to better position themselves in the future.

We combine industry insights, detailed data analytics and our expert knowledge of the global/regional oil markets to provide timely and accurate consultation to a variety of clients from multiple sectors, including financial institutions, banks and traders, major oil companies, national oil companies, independent refiners, government agencies, shipping and transportation companies, and utilities firms.


FGE's coverage of the oil markets can be found in our:

  • Research & Analysis Each of our retainer offerings consist of key deliverables (reports, data, and independent consultation) that focuses on the main products/regions/sectors within the industry, and the key happenings.
  • Ad-Hoc Oil Consulting Our specialized consulting services utilize FGE's expert knowledge and vast experience of the global oil market, enabling us to provide tailored consultation to clients looking for feasibility studies, economic and commercial modelling, the identifying of new business opportunities, and more.
  • Client-Tailored Training Over the years, FGE has supported many oil and gas/LNG companies with their training needs, and works closely with our clients to deliver leading client-focused training initiatives.
  • Online Data Systems FGE's Online Data System for Oil (ODS) allows clients to flexibly query FGE's proprietary supply and demand data for crude and refined products at a country or regional level, allowing you to identify potential pressure points and regional flows.
  • Multi-Client Studies FGE has a long history of delivering the highest quality focused and insight-driven studies. These studies deliver comprehensive primary research that is focused on major industry trends and hot topics in the global oil and natural gas markets.
  • Briefings/Events Our two-day briefings, conducted year round at various locations in the world and delivered by our top experts, combine our technical and market knowledge to provide a market snapshot built from the latest data, knowledge and insights developed from FGE.

Scope of Coverage

  • Sectors
    • Crude/NGL Production
    • Crude and Products Inventories
    • Crude and Products Supply/Demand
    • Crude and Products Pricing
    • Geopolitical Analysis
    • Oil Products Demand
    • Refining Capacity & Runs
    • Crude and Products Regional Trade
    • Refinery Margins & Products Cracks
  • Regions

    Analytics and analysis provided on a global, regional & country level for most sectors.

    • Africa
    • Europe
    • Latin America
    • North America
    • Asia Pacific
    • FSU (Former Soviet Union)
    • Middle East
    • Global Coverage
  • Products
    • Crude Oil (WTI, Dated Brent, Dubai, Urals Med, Urals NWE, LLS, and Mars)
    • Gasoline (Ron92, Ron95, Ron97)
    • Jet/Kerosene
    • LPG
    • Naphtha
    • Gasoil/Diesel
    • Fuel Oil