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North Africa Gas Annual Report

FGE’s North Africa Gas Annual Report (NAGAR) provides detailed coverage and analysis of the gas markets in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia. 

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FGE’s North Africa Gas Annual Report (NAGAR) provides detailed coverage and analysis of the gas markets in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia. It follows the same format that many clients have enjoyed in the Middle East Gas Annual Report (MEGAR) and originated from our industry standard Asia Pacific Natural Gas Databook.

Overall, FGE’s North African expansion is part of our efforts to grow globally, but only in areas where we are certain we can provide the same level of quality analysis that our products have come to represent. The expansion into North African gas was born out of internal monitoring of the region over the last decade.

The Middle East and North Africa gas market continues to change and forecasting future consumption remains challenging. To forecast gas consumption in this dynamic region, we have adopted a two-pronged approach. In the relatively more mature markets, we focused on the demand side, using well-established techniques for projecting future demand and then accounting for possible fuel switching. In the developing markets, we have focused on the supply side, evaluating planned and potential projects when forecasting consumption. In this case, our regional contacts and clients have played a vital role in providing feedback as to the viability of future plans.

It is important to note that the methodology applied varies across countries, sectors, and time. For example, in the near term, a nation may face a supply constraint due to problems in gas production or delays in pipeline construction. Over time, as infrastructure and production develops, the focus may shift to the demand side in forecasting future consumption.

We strive to provide our clients with well thought out outlooks utilizing the key drivers and methods that drive both the near-term and long-term horizons.

Features & Benefits

  • Obtain a Thought Leader's View Our clients can benefit from having a thought leader's view of the market outlook, across various geographies and time horizons.
  • Strategic Business Opportunities Identify key developments and opportunities in the upstream and downstream market place.
  • Access to FGE's Gas/LNG Team Clients of our research, analysis, and data analytics can benefit from having consistent access to technical and/or commercial information on the gas/LNG market.
  • Reliable Forecast Analytics Our consistently accurate short- and long-term forecasts allow clients to capture the upsides and minimize downsides.
  • Rapid Assessment of Events Our utilization of knowledge and experience allows us to react quickly to market developments, therefore alerting clients promptly, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Commercial Analysis Forward-looking commercial analysis regarding the implications of topical industry issues included.

Scope of Coverage

  • Data
    • Gas production, gas re-injection, gas shrinkage, and flaring data since 1975 and forecasts by 2040.
    • Gas Exports/Imports data since since 1975 and forecasts by 2040.
    • LNG/Gas contracts.
    • Sectoral gas consumption since 1975 and forecasts by 2040.
    • Historical Pipeline Gas and LNG trade statistics by destination/source since 1975.
    • Detailed Data on gas infrastructure (pipelines, LNG and GTL plants).
  • Deliverables
    • North Africa Gas Annual Report.
    • North Africa Gas Annual Report Datafile (.xls)
    • Consultation with our regional gas experts for assistance with specific questions, providing additional data, analytical support, key insights, or advice.
    • Individual Country Files (see Counties tab for details).
    • Annual client meeting, briefing, or presentation from senior MENA gas experts.
  • Countries
    • Algeria
    • Libya
    • Tunisia
    • Egypt
    • Morocco

This Service Will Add Value To

  • LNG Traders looking for information on natural gas and LNG trade flows and pricing, together with a short-term outlook of the region's gas exports and imports.
  • Government Departments/Agencies tasked with understanding energy markets.
  • Business Development, Industry Planners, and Decision Makers looking for a long-term outlook of natural gas supply and demand, together with strategic advice to assist with their decision making and business development strategies.
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