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FGE’s LPG Confidential report provides detailed insights, analyses, and forecasts of the key issues affecting the global LPG marketplace.

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FGE’s LPG Confidential report provides detailed insights, analyses, and forecasts of the key issues affecting the global LPG marketplace.

The LPG trading market has become increasingly unpredictable and volatile due to a series of developments in 2022, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict, China’s zero COVID policy stance and the global economic slowdown.

All LPG industry participants need to understand how these changes will or might affect their business. LPG Confidential answers those key questions and provides you with our short-term market development outlook. We are confident that our commercial acumen in LPG, combined with FGE’s integrated and cross-functional expertise in the global oil and gas markets, give us special insight into these issues.

LPG Confidential provides easy-to-read weekly analysis of the most important changing dynamics in the LPG landscape. Each report focuses on two key short-term issues through a “Market Feature” and “Term Feature”. Together, these provide our clients with an expert interpretation of the market and of how these developments could impact the market in the weeks or months ahead.

Features & Benefits

  • Access to FGE’s LPG Team Clients of our research, analysis, and data analytics can benefit from having consistent access to technical and/or commercial information about global LPG markets.
  • Coverage of the Key Regional LPG markets Interpretation of trends in LPG markets  within a global context.
  • Rapid Assessment of Events Utilisation of cross-functional knowledge and experience which allows rapid assessment of current and future LPG market developments.


  • LPG Confidential (weekly report)

Recent Report Highlights

Part I: Market Feature

A key short-term topic of interest in the market. Some examples of titles include:

  • Packed to the hilt—what is going on at the Panama Canal?
  • OPEC+ announces 2 mmb/d cut to production. What is the impact on Middle Eastern LPG exports?
  • Fuel switching potential in Europe, but likely to be offset by demand destruction from petrochemicals
  • Deluge of cheap Iranian tons into China’s terminals may not be enough for Chinese PDH players
  • Partying like it’s 2014—High crude prices push up Saudi CP, but surely not for long

Part II: Term Feature

A key medium-to-long term topic of interest int he market. Some examples of titles include:

  • CP overreach—What does the recent strategy by Middle Eastern and North American producers mean for Asia Pacific traders?
  • The “After Russia-Ukraine War” Series, Part 1—LNG and LPG are the clear winners in Europe in the medium term
  • Indonesia’s ballooning energy subsidy bill is costing a pretty penny. Is it time for some much-needed reforms?
  • Poland pushing for sanctions on Russian LPG – too painful to be possible?
  • Recap of IMO 2023—amendments to MARPOL Annex VI (MEPC 76) start taking effect from 1 November

This Service Will Add Value To

  • Traders developing both trading and hedging strategies built on detailed fundamental research.
  • Midstream Companies formulating future policy and hedging strategies.
  • National Oil Companies undertaking research on key global trends and making strategic decisions.
  • Finance and Investment Analysts following key global LPG supply/demand analytics and price trends.
  • Importers and Petrochemicals Companies deciding on volumes of LPG procurement.
  • Shipping Companies following trends in LPG trade flows while formulating ship deployment strategies.
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