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NGL Annual Reports


Annual Reports

FGE's NGL retainer services provide our clients with a solid understanding of the energy markets at a global, regional, and product level.

In addition to our weekly and monthly reports, many of our services also include annual reports, which provide detailed analysis and data on various aspects of the NGLs sector.

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LPG Forecast 2024

FGE’s annual LPG Forecast is a comprehensive assessment of the global LPG market, divided into two main geographical areas, East and West of Suez. In this forecast, FGE examines the industry dynamics on a country and regional level, and then derives an assessment of the trade balances.
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Condensate Outlook 2023

FGE’s detailed assessment of the mid/long-term outlook for condensates provides comprehensive coverage on the key challenges facing the market today. In this study, we forecast condensate supply and demand globally using bottom-up modeling to explore impacts and trends for condensate trade and pricing up to 2040.