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LPG & Ethane Service

FGE’s LPG & Ethane Service, part of our wider NGLs Service, uses detailed insight and analysis to identify market trends and key issues affecting LPG markets and to provide price and supply/demand forecasts.

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FGE’s LPG & Ethane Service, part of our wider NGLs Service, uses detailed insight and analysis to identify market trends and key issues affecting LPG markets and to provide price and supply/demand forecasts.

The LPG and ethane trading market has become increasingly unpredictable due to various unexpected developments since 2020, e.g. the COVID-19 pandemic, Storm Uri on the US Gulf Coast in early 2021, and, more recently, the Russia- Ukraine war, to name but a few.

LPG and ethane industry participants need to understand how these changes will affect their plans on both a shortterm and a long-term basis. We answer these key questions and provide our outlook for short-, medium-, and long-term market developments. We are confident that FGE’s long history in, and knowledge of, global LPG markets, combined with our in-depth analysis of global oil and natural gas markets, give us – and our clients – unique insights into these issues.

FGE’s LPG & Ethane Service contains weekly analyses of the changing LPG landscape (via the popular publication LPG Confidential), short-term analyses of regional supply and demand structures (LPG Foresights, LPG Monthly Supply, Demand, Trade Balances, Ethane Monthly Supply, Demand, Trade Balances), and longer-term assessments of the direction of LPG supply, demand, shipping, and prices (LPG & Ethane Forecast).

In addition to these retainer reports, FGE offers bespoke commercial advisory services, ad hoc project work, workshops, seminars and presentations.

Scope of Coverage

  • Features
    • Up-to-date comprehensive analysis of key fundamental drivers in the global LPG and ethane markets.
    • Detailed projections of global LPG and ethane supply/ demand fundamentals and their implications.
    • Interpretation of trends in LPG and ethane markets by region, within a global context.
    • Utilisation of our knowledge and experience which allows for rapid assessments of current and future LPG and ethane market events.
    • Consistent and accurate forecasting of LPG and ethane fundamentals and price trends.
  • Deliverables

    Clients of FGE’s LPG & Ethane Service have the flexibility to choose from the list of deliverables below, to create their own tailor-made package based on their own individual needs and requirements.

    • LPG Confidential (weekly report)
    • LPG Foresights (monthly report and dataset).
    • Ethane/LPG Monthly Supply, Demand, Trade Balances 
    • LPG Forecast (released in January with mid-year updates the following July).
    • LPG & Ethane Workshop
    • LPG & Ethane Studies
    • LPG & Ethane Commercial Advisory Service
    • LPG & Ethane Forecast

This Service Adds Value for

  • Traders developing both trading and hedging strategies built on detailed fundamental research.
  • Midstream Companies formulating their future policy and hedging strategies.
  • Storage and Logistics Companies  forecasting future demand for their services.
  • Shipping Companies following LPG and ethane trade trends while formulating tanker deployment strategies.
  • Finance and Investment Analysts following global LPG and ethane supply/demand analytics and price trends.
  • Importers and Petrochemicals Companies deciding on LPG and ethane procurement strategies.
  • National Oil Companies undertaking research on key global trends and making strategic decisions.
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