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LPG Consulting and Commercial Advisory

Our specialized consulting service utilizes FGE's expert knowledge and vast experience of the global oil and gas markets to provide clients with the tools necessary to make accurate business decisions.

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With more than 30 years of experience delivering client tailored consulting, it is our ability to provide transparency to often opaque markets and advice on how to position yourself in the energy markets, that truly sets FGE ahead of the competition.

FGE is a pre-eminent global oil and gas consultancy which provides leading independent research, analysis, consultation, and advisory services to a large and diverse client base across the world.

FGE’s unique strength comes from both its knowledge and insights as well as its relationships with key players in the oil and gas markets. Our global team of experts specialize on both sector and country/regional knowledge; thus reinforcing this network and ensuring that our insights are current, relevant, and consistent across the technical and commercial arenas.

Our specialized consulting service utilizes our expert knowledge and vast experience of the global oil and gas markets, including energy forecasting, identifying market trends, LNG marketing, procurement, compliance regulations, refining sector, transportation, storage, and more, to provide clients with the tools necessary to make accurate business decisions.

Consulting Services

  • Feasibility Studies FGE works closely with clients to evaluate the feasibility of their proposed project, enabling clients to make more strategically informed decisions surrounding their investment decisions.
  • Economic and Commercial Modeling FGE assists client in considering all available outlets for their NGL products (seaborne exports, trucking to domestic retailers) and develops possible pricing points via modelling.
  • Market Assessments and Strategies Including market entry studies, identifying market trends, drivers, and latest market norms.
  • Introductions with Key Players/Investors FGE can guide you to the correct individuals and institutions to ensure successful investments in the NGL industry.
  • Supply, Demand, Pricing Forecasts and Analysis FGE has a long history of providing accurate and reliable forecasts of the fundamentals, and maintains supply, demand, and pricing forecasts for the short-, medium-, and long-term (up to 2040).
  • Strategic Advice Assisting with strategic marketing, procurement, and/or trading recommendations.
  • Executive/Board Level Briefings Presenting of FGE’s latest views and analysis, assisting board level decision-makers in making their next moves in the NGL market.

Examples of Sectors/Markets Covered

  • Fundamental Analysis (Supply and Demand)
  • NGL Production
  • Trade Flows
  • US NGL Inventory Levels
  • Pipelines, Shipping, and Transportation
  • Pricing (Saudi CP, US Mont Belvieu, Asian FEI, Swaps, Spreads)
  • Petrochemical Margins
  • Swing feedstock for Steam Crackers (LPG/Naphtha)

Example Case Studies

  • Market Feasibility Study 

    LPG: A German trader required a detailed analysis on the feasibility of a new refrigerated LPG import terminal to be used as break-bulk facility in Southeast Asia.  FGE provided the client with a comprehensive analysis of LPG supply and demand in the region (detailed annual balance for production, demand, import and exports for Asian countries), a breakdown of the current import infrastructure, complete with a cost comparison of an onshore import facility versus potential usage of floating storage vessels. 

  • Commercialization of volumes

    LPG and Condensates: An Australian producer wanted to properly understand their potential options in marketing LPG and condensates output from various liquids streams associated to their gas assets in Australia.  FGE provided the client with a detailed understanding of both the LPG and condensates markets (major importers, global trade flows, pricing structures from various producers), a lowdown on what competitors are doing and any policy, environmental and regulations that will impact their pricing potentials.

  • Pricing Systems of imports

    LPG: A South Korean importer wanted to investigate how LPG is used and priced in Asian Pacific countries to allow them to decide if they should alter their pricing mechanisms for LPG imports.  FGE provided the client with a detailed breakdown in the various wholesale pricing formula used for importing LPG in the different markets, and through our recommendations, decided upon a pricing system to suit their requirements.  

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