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27th Annual Condensate & Naphtha Forum


The Condensate & Naphtha Forum, held annually since 1996 in Asia, the Middle East & Australia, has evolved into an annual “must attend” event for serious producers, buyers & sellers of Condensate & Naphtha. With business interactions at the highest levels, underscored by the presence of market leaders in the condensate, naphtha and petrochemical industries, the Forum provides an annual platform for the exchange of industry dialogue and networking opportunities.

Conference Theme: Weathering The Turbulence – Are There Silver Linings Ahead?

These past few years have been extraordinarily volatile, navigating black swan events and geopolitical uncertainties. Given the current state of the oil, gas and petrochemical markets, in the face of both energy security and energy transition, we need to continuously adapt and formulate our strategies accordingly. The challenges put forth in recent years certainly remain with new ones streaming in:-

  • The current lull in olefins margins and the next wave of steam crackers post-2025 – does the suffering continue?
  • The gasoline and aromatics love story – after years of heavy capacity additions on the paraxylene markets, will we see more opportunities?
  • The trajectory of oil demand in a post-COVID world – when and how will the peak of oil demand materialise?
  • Long run petrochemical growth meets peak oil – a natural transition to come? How will the refining complex adapt to a greater yield shift to naphtha and petrochemicals?
  • The NGLs supply story – the slowdown of US growth is bolstered by increasing Middle East supplies alongside gas/LNG projects. Is this the final wave?
  • Petrochemical and the energy transition – how will shifting market and policy dynamics, if any, impact feedstocks?

Join top management and energy experts from leading condensate producers, buyers and sellers in-person in Bali this year, for frank discussions on the factors above and the opportunities and challenges of the industry.

FGE Chairman Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki and President Dr. Jeff Brown will be the co-chairmen of the 27th Annual Condensate & Naphtha Forum, held in Bali, Indonesia in October/November 2023.


FGE Conference Co-Chairmen

Further information on the 27th Condensate & Naphtha Forum will be provided in the coming months.

Upcoming Events