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Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki on EMTV - Resource PNG Thursday 14 January


This week on Resource PNG, well known international oil and gas expert Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki discusses issues related to the dramatic fall in crude oil and natural gas prices with renowned consultant Brian Gomez.

During a recent visit to PNG, Dr. Fesharaki discussed the year-long plunge in crude oil prices and why prices were going to fall much further. The rise in unconventional shale oil production from the United States has been met with a decision by Saudi Arabia and OPEC to continue pumping out record levels of oil to protect their market share.

Dr. Fesharaki predicts where LNG export prices from PNG may end up in the months ahead. And, he addresses whether it is worthwhile for PNG and ExxonMobil to continue exporting record quantities of LNG as prices plunge to potentially unprofitable levels.

Get to understand the unfolding international oil drama and more in this special edition of Resource PNG this week. Thursday at 8pm. 


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