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World Oil Market Reports

FGE’s World Oil Market Reports, part of the core Short-Term Global Oil Market Service, encompasses the key elements of FGE’s global oil service.

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FGE’s World Oil Market Reports, part of the core Short-Term Global Oil Market Service, encompass the key elements of FGE’s global oil service.

This suite of Monthly reports incorporates a detailed, internally-consistent database covering crude/NGL output and main oil products supply/demand encompassing: crude/NGL supply, refinery runs, refinery output, products demand, crude/products stocks, and regional/global balances. The assessments of key fundamental developments then form the basis of FGE’s crude/products price analysis and projections. These Monthly reports contain the latest data by main country/region, pulled together into a global summary on a consistent basis, with projections 12-18 months ahead.

Our analysis is supported by extensive monthly data showing crude oil production by country (alongside detailed analysis) and exports by source/route, in addition to details of main individual products exports.

Features & Benefits

  • Leading Fundamental Analysis Up-to-date comprehensive analysis of key fundamental drivers in the global oil markets, together with detailed projections of crude/NGL production, refinery output, and products demand.
  • Complete Oil Data Analytics The suite of reports covers Global Oil Market Drivers, Product Imbalances & Pressure Points, Crude Supply/Trade & Price Differentials, and Refinery Margins and Product Cracks
  • Access to FGE's Oil Team Clients of our research, analysis, and data analytics can benefit from having consistent access to technical and/or commercial information about the oil markets.
  • Accurate Price Forecasts FGE's vast knowledge and experience of analyzing the short-term oil markets has enabled us to deliver highly accurate price forecasting data to clients over the years.
  • Complete Oil Data Analytics Detailed economic analytics allows you to identify clear emerging trends, structural changes and seasonal patterns determining future supply/demand balances.
  • Responsive Research & Analytics Our utilization of knowledge and experience allows us to react quickly to market developments, therefore alerting clients promptly allowing them to stay ahead of the competition.

Scope of Coverage

  • Data
    • Crude/NGL production
    • Crude & products demand
    • Crude & products trade
    • Refining data (refinery runs, refinery output, refining margins, product cracks, and refinery downtime)
    • Crude & products prices
    • Crude & products stocks by main region
    • Regional/global crude & products balances
    • Short-term forecasts (12-months) and 12-months history
  • Deliverables
    • Four monthly reports (Global Oil Market Drivers, Product Imbalances & Pressure Points, Crude Supply/Trade & Price Differentials, and Refinery Margins and Product Cracks) Associated data files (excel)
    • Telephone, email, video conferencing consultation with our regional oil experts
    • Access to proprietary supply, demand, and products balances data through FGE's Oil Online Database
    • Annual client meeting with updates on FGE's outlook for the region's oil market (can be tailored around the client's needs)
  • Products Covered
    • Crude
    • Gasoline
    • Gasoil/Diesel
    • Naphtha
    • Jet/Kerosene
    • Fuel Oil
  • Sectors Covered
    • Refining/Downstream Sector
    • Products Trade
    • Crude Supply & Trade
    • Fundamentals Outlook (Supply/Demand)

This Service Will Add Value To

  • Crude & Petroleum Products Traders developing both trading and hedging strategies built on detailed fundamental research.
  • Exploration & Production Companies formulating future policy and hedging strategies.
  • Oil Storage and Logistics Companies forecasting demand for their services.
  • Shipping/Transportation Companies following trends in crude/products trade flows while formulating fuel procurement strategies.
  • Finance and Investment Analysts following key global energy supply/demand analytics and price trends.
  • Refining and Petrochemicals Companies deciding on crude procurement and products supply.
  • National Oil Companies undertaking research on key global trends and making strategic decisions.

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