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Multi-Client Studies

FGE has a long history of delivering the highest-quality focused and insight-driven multi-client studies. Our studies deliver in-depth primary research that is focused on major industry trends and hot topics in the global oil and natural gas markets.

There are times when key industry topics create interest which goes beyond what can be found in our retainer service reports, either because a greater amount of detail is required, or because of the precise angle the topic takes.

FGE’s Multi-Client Studies provide highly-focused research and analysis of hot topics and industry trends taking place in the oil and gas markets, providing clients with a deeper understanding of the topic, and highlighting future opportunities within the market.

As a result of our forward-looking analysis, clients find they are able to adjust their strategies, capture the upsides, and prepare for shifts in the industry more effectively.

Our studies surpass the coverage of our retainer reports with their precise focus and greater insight, and are proven to be beneficial when taken on their own, or in addition to our retainer services.

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Preparing for IMP 2020 and the Future of Bunkering: Strategic Implications

The short-term developments in the oil market are now based upon a range of factors which are becoming increasingly difficult to assess. FGE's Short-Term Service provides up-to-date analysis of the key events affecting oil markets with consistent forecasts and future trends.
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Annual World Refining Outlook 2019

FGE’s Long-Term Global Oil Market Service gives a holistic view on the oil market’s future, providing independent and strategic outlooks of crude and products supply/demand/pricing, the global refining operating environment, and crude and products trade.
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Strategic Outlook for Oil - A Guide for Strategic Planning

FGE's Stormy Seas: IMO 2020 is a new fortnightly report featuring key insights and market analysis on the upcoming IMO (International Maritime Organization) sulphur specification change.
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Outlook for International Products Trade

FGE’s Middle East Oil Retainer Service provides up-to-date analysis of the key events and data affecting the oil markets, together with consistent forecasts of future developments.
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Global Crude Trade Study 2018

FGE's Middle East Oil Monthly, a regional monthly add-on within our Short-Term Global Oil Service, provides a clear understanding of the complex oil market in the Middle East region.

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