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FGE's Short-Term Oil Market Webinar 2020

Webinar Overview

Please note, this webinar has now taken place. Future webinars will be mentioned on our website, so please check back regularly to register for future events.

FGE is delighted to be hosting a complimentary live update of the short-term global oil market, which will examine market drivers, oil supply, demand and refining.

The recent unprecedented demand slump is now beginning to recede, as some major economies, especially China, start to emerge from COVID-19 lockdown. We also appear to be seeing the announced OPEC+ output cuts being largely implemented. In addition, it does seem the recent price slump has had a significant impact on other non-OPEC production, particularly in the USA. Following huge stock builds in recent months, we see the current implied surplus of oil narrowing sharply and soon going into a long period of deficit that will eventually return global oil inventories to more-normal levels.


However, the path to recovery remains highly uncertain. Will oil demand, having been impacted by COVID-19, now be buffeted by an economic crisis? Will constraints to supply now rapidly erode in response to improved prices? How will refinery operations respond to the shifting crude availability and refined product demand? Ultimately, what does this mean for the oil price? These questions and many others will be addressed in a FGE Short-term Oil Market Update Webinar to be held on Thursday 4th June.


Webinar Details

Date: Thursday June 4, 2020

Times: 9:00-10:00 a.m. (GMT+1) - Morning, 3:00-4:00 p.m. (GMT+1) - Afternoon

Notes: We will be hosting the same webinar twice in one day, in order to accommodate clients and guests from around the world. Depending on where you are in the world, you will have the option of registering for the most conveniently timed webinar. This complimentary webinar is only available for FGE clients and registrations are subject to approval. Registrations must be from a company email. We are unable to accept registrations from hotmail, gmail, or other free domains.





  • Are members of the press/media allowed to attend?

    Unfortunately, members of the press/media are not allowed to attend FGE webinars. If there is anything specific you would like to discuss with FGE, including insights on market developments, please contact [email protected].

  • Will I receive a recording of the webinar? If so, when?

    All approved registrants will receive a link to either the slides, the recording, or both, after the last webinar takes place. We aim to send the link out within 24-48 hours of the webinar taking place.


  • Market Overview: Key Parameters and Implications for the Oil Price - Mr. Gareth Lewis-Davies, Principal Consultant, FGE London
  • Production: Price Response & Recovery – A Huge Challenge Ahead for Balancing the Market - Mr. James Davis, Director of Short-Term Global Oil and Head of Upstream Oil, FGE London
  • The Path to Demand Recovery –  How Fast and by When? - Mr. Cuneyt Kazokoglu, Director of Long-Term Global Oil and Head of Oil Demand, FGE London
  • Refining: All Revved Up - With No Place to Go! - Mr. Steve Sawyer, Director of Refining, FGE London
  • Q&A




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Mr. Gareth Lewis-Davies
Principal Consultant, FGE London

Gareth is an experienced energy commodity strategist with a focus on oil market analysis. He joined FGE in July 2019 as principal consultant to apply his experience of producing and publishing  oil market research to FGE’s operations. In addition to covering the global oil supply/demand balance and its impact on oil price, he is responsible for the development of product specific analysis in the form of global product reports, including bunker fuels.


Mr. James Davis
Director of Short-Term Oil Service and Head of Upstream Oil, FGE London

James Davis leads FGE’s Short-Term service and crude oil production forecasting. He also covers crude oil price differentials analysis and regularly provides input into FGE’s short term market research reports. Since joining FGE in 2013, James has upgraded the group’s supply-side modelling capabilities providing detailed field-by-field production profiles, which forms an integral part of the group’s short and long term research.


Mr. Cuneyt Kazokoglu
Director of Long-Term Global Oil and Head of Oil Demand, FGE London

Cuneyt is responsible for overseeing all the company’s oil demand forecasts, both short and long term, which underpins the Group’s retainer services and ad-hoc projects. In this role, he is called upon to make presentations to clients outlining potential market and industry developments and discuss the strategic implications, under scenario and brainstorming exercises.  


Mr. Steve Sawyer
Director of Refining, FGE London

Steve Sawyer has over 35 years of experience in the downstream, strategic planning, commercial optimisation, operational and analytical roles and has worked for FGE since 2012, following five years with Petroplus as Manager, Production Planning & Economics at the Coryton refinery in the UK. Prior to this, Steve worked for BP in a number of areas including their central Economics team, the London trading office, the Global Refining Strategy team and finally as Manager for Bitumen Global Manufacturing & Supply Optimisation.