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FGE's Oil Market Webinars

Lives Updates on the Oil Market

FGE is always looking at new ways to update our clients on the latest movements in the oil, gas/LNG, and NGLs markets. Our regular live update webinars are just one way of achieving that.

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, much of the world has had to adapt to a new way of working. Client meetings have gone from being face-to-face to conducted virtually over several online platforms. Although we have had to adapt to new ways of working, our need to keep the lines of communication open with our clients remains strong. In the absence of in-person meetings at client offices or major industry events, FGE has provided its clients with regular live updates on key market happenings. These complimentary live updates have taken the form of interactive webinars, hosted by senior members of FGE's oil, gas/LNG and NGLs teams. During such events, our clients have heard from our teams of sector/country/regional experts on key issues affecting the markets, in addition to being able to speak with our team to ask any questions they may have.

So far this year, we have successfully held the following oil market webinars:

  • Short-Term Global Oil Market Update (IP Week Webinar) - February 2020
  • Asian Oil Market Update - March 2020
  • Short-Term Global Oil Market Update - June 2020
  • Short-Term Asian Oil Market Update - July 2020
  • Middle East Oil Market Update - August 2020


Details of future oil market webinars will be made available on this page.