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27th Middle East Petroleum Insiders (MPI) 2020

Event Overview

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As the oil-exporting countries in the Middle East adjust to the reduced oil revenue as the new norm, significant slowdown in economic growth in the region is contributing to the recent stagnation in the global demand growth. But how long will the current situation last and how will it impact the regional demand in the longer term, or the investment plans for new local refineries? Will we continue to see more JV investment in refineries abroad and demand centers? How will the Middle East’s crude and products export markets fare in this environment? How the fast-rising non-OPEC supply of crude and NGLs and the expected lower prices affect the supply outlook for the Middle East producers? What is the expected outlook on Chinese products exports? How IMO 2020 has impacted the market and will there be additional fallout?

These issues will all be addressed at the 27th Middle East Petroleum Insiders Briefing which provides a unique, authoritative, and up-to-date perspective on the regional and global implications of the new low oil price world.

Last year’s event focused on the new set of dynamics in the global oil market in a low oil price environment; this year, we will be assessing how the ongoing US battles of price/ supply with OPEC and trade tariffs with China will impact the oil market. Both the upstream and downstream will be covered, providing detailed regional perspectives on production, oil demand, refining capacity and utilization, with the implications for the Middle East’s role in the rapidly-changing landscape of international products trade.

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FGE's 27th Middle East Petroleum Insiders (MPI) Briefing will be taking place on March 29-30, 2020 in Bahrain, shortly before our 14th Middle East Gas Insiders (MGI) Briefing on April 1-2, 2020. Further information on MGI 2020 can be found by clicking on the below link.


MGI 2020


Middle East Petroleum & Gas Conference (MPGC) 2020

This briefing is co-located with the 28th Annual Middle East Petroleum & Gas Conference (MPGC) and all participants of MPI 2020 are invited to attend the MPGC 2020 Official Opening on 30th March at 5:00pm. The opening will be graced by His Excellency Shaikh Mohamed Bin Khalifa Al-Khalifa, Minister of Oil, Kingdom of Bahrain and will include keynote addresses from leading oil industry visionaries and will be followed by a dinner hosted by the Bahrain Petroleum Company. This will be a value added opportunity for briefing participants, who  will have the chance to hear first-hand from the key policy and decision makers, as well as engage with the MPGC community from over 30 countries.

Reasons to attend MPI 2020

FGE's Insiders Briefings have been established over 29 years. Held annually in the Middle East and Singapore, the format of these briefings allow participants to learn of the key issues affecting the oil and gas markets, together with FGE's own analysis and forecasts, through interactive discussions.

  • Gain a clear understanding of the complexities that exist within the East of Suez oil and gas markets.
  • Understand how the trading relationship between Asia and the Middle East is changing.
  • Engage with FGE's team of regional experts.
  • Identify key drivers shaping future developments—where are the key sensitivities and uncertainties?
  • Recognize the key role played by the East of Suez region in shaping the future evolution of global Oil and LPG trade.
  • Network with executives from leading international companies.

This briefing will be relevant for people working in:

  • Corporate/strategic planning and government relations
  • Projects, operations and resources
  • New ventures/markets, commercial, and business development
  • Trading, shipping and chartering
  • Marketers and business development managers
  • Contracts and legal managers
  • Research, economics and market analysis
  • Crude, feedstocks, fuel, petrochemicals, 
  • Negotiations and investments
  • Investment strategy
  • Economists, policy makers, corporate planners and analysts
  • Marketing and Business Development Managers

Event Agenda

Session 1

Setting the Scene—Oil & Gas/LNG Markets

Dr. Fesharaki shares his views on the key issues confronting the global oil and gas business.

Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki, Chairman, FGE

Session 2

Oil Market Outlook

  • Hot Topics: How much could US sanctions keep restricting oil exports in Iran/Venezuela? How will other producers respond? What are the potential oil market repercussions of the Aramco IPO? Is there any aftermath of IMO 2020 still to come? What potential shocks lurk around the corner?
  • Global Oil Supply–Knowns & Unknowns: Has the growth in US tight oil output peaked? What is the outlook for US crude exports? What about other non-OPEC producers?
  • Global Oil Demand–Disruptive Forces: How much could global economic woes dent oil demand growth? Could fuel oil demand make a comeback following IMO 2020? When could there be “peak” demand?
  • Price Parameters: In the current increasingly-uncertain world, what is the potential range for oil prices? What is the most likely price path? What looks mis-priced in the market? What new price shocks could there be?

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 3

Roundtable on Critical Factors Driving Oil Markets

  • US tight oil, IMO 2020, electric vehicles, environmental concerns, refining-petchem projects: How could these factors affect the oil market outlook? Are there any other wild-cards?

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 4

Middle East Refining Landscape

  • Latest view on refining projects under construction/planned.
  • How are latest developments within NOCs in the region going to impact plans for new greenfield, integrated refining projects?
  • Middle East refining expansions and growing products exports: heading east or west?

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 5

Middle East Crude & Products Trade

  • What are the prospects for Iraq upstream in terms of crude production and exports?
  • Outlook for Middle East oil demand: How subsidy policies and fuel switching are shifting trends?
  • How are the region’s product balances likely to affect the region’s product trade outlook within its traditional markets?
  • An update on Iran’s latest situation, with particular focus on the impact of US sanctions.

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 6

Insight on Asia: Major Changes and Challenges

  • Which countries and products will lead demand growth? Any surprises ahead? How is demand growth reacting to higher prices? Is electrification gaining ground?
  • Who is building/expanding refineries and why? What is real and what is not? Have priorities shifted?
  • What are the most interesting developments/opportunities?
  • What are refiners’ strategies in dealing with the IMO shift?
  • Regional movers and shakers to watch—highlights of key developments across various countries.

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 7

Deep Dive into Asia—Key Country Developments

China Brief

  • Outlook for oil products demand: Why has demand growth slowed? Will it recover? What is the threat from EVs?
  • Will the independents continue to shake the refining landscape? Has the government created a level playing field? Further surprises ahead?
  • Domestic refining surplus to reshape the future roadmap? What can we expect for product exports? What are the constraints?
  • Outlook for SPRs and overseas investments?
  • Where will China source its crude?

Japan Brief

  • Impact of industry consolidation?
  • METI’s objective for the Phase III Refining Ordinance.
  • Impact of industry consolidation?
  • Will Japan turn to product exports?

India Brief

  • India’s oil demand growth: Starts and pauses—What to expect? Policies continue to shape the oil demand path.
  • Refining sector: Expansions and upgrades underway. When will state refiners build new refineries?
  • Will private players expand in a big way? Petchem integrations see a slow start.
  • Will rising demand keep a lid on future product exports?

Other Major Players

  • Korea: Well positioned for IMO 2020.
  • Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia: Shifting priorities?
  • Australia and Vietnam: Changing crude and product imports

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 8

West of Suez Refining & Products Trade: Implications for the Middle East

  • How much longer will the US refining boom last?
  • Is there light at the end of the tunnel for Venezuela, Mexico, and Brazil refiners? (What about the rest?)
  • Who are the game changers (if any) in the Atlantic Basin?
  • What is the future for Russian products export barrels?
  • How will ME refiners be impacted by changes in the Atlantic Basin and the Asia Pacific?

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 9

The Outlook for LPG and Condensate

  • How are US exports impacting the East of Suez LPG market?
  • Can demand growth propel LPG price upwards?
  • How did the market adjust to the loss of Iranian SPC and the role of new condensate supplies in the market?

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 10

Conclusions: Challenges and Opportunities

  • How are volatile prices and changing strategies impacting different industry players?
  • Where are the opportunities and risks?
  • What are the key sensitivities and alternative scenarios?
  • What is the future for the oil industry in the long term?

Speaker: T.B.C.


The organizers reserve the right to alter the content and timings of the agenda.

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