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FGE and Manaar Energy Group sign strategic partnership to combine expertise focusing on the Middle East energy market


FGE and Manaar Energy Group announced today the formation of a strategic partnership in oil and gas consulting in the Middle East. The partnership is designed to leverage FGE's growing presence in Iran and Manaar's presence in Iraq. The collaboration blends FGE's expertise in global market analysis, midstream and downstream oil and gas with Manaar's specialization in upstream commercial and operational consulting. Together, the partnership provides one of the most specialized and well-established groups of energy expertise in the region.

Both companies sincerely hope that our clients will see immediate and significant benefits of this partnership as we hope to provide our industry with the expertise needed to succeed in the years ahead.

About FGE

FGE is an international energy consultancy group that services clients on a regular basis by producing research, analysis, and forecasting of the international oil and gas markets. FGE's services include specially-commissioned reports, retainer consulting, multi-client studies, briefings & training, and commercial advisory services. FGE is based in London and operates offices in Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Dubai, Hawaii, and satellite offices in California and Mumbai.

About Manaar

Manaar provides customized advice to support oil & gas investments & operations throughout the Middle East. This includes studies, workshops, data products and outsourcing services. We combine commercial and technical knowledge towards deep insights concerning investment risks and effective operating strategies. We have worked with government and private clients in Iraq and the GCC, supporting areas that include E&P, midstream gas, drilling, seismic & data management operations.


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For more information, please contact:

Emma Cleverdon, FGE
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7726 9570


Nashiba Pitiilan, MANAAR
Tel: +971 (4) 326 6300

Further Information

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