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FGE's China Gas Service provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of the key aspects of the gas sector developments and LNG business in China.

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FGE’s China Gas Service provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of the key aspects of the gas sector developments and LNG business in China.

Following a boom in China’s gas demand in the late-2010s which was driven by the country’s coal-to-gas switching efforts, gas consumption growth has slowed in recent years amid China’s zero-COVID policy and weakening economic outlook. Nonetheless, China’s gas demand growth is expected to pick up again over the mid- to long-term once these near-term headwinds are overcome. LNG will continue to serve as an important gas source given its flexibility, even as China ramps up domestic gas production and expands piped gas imports. Therefore, the rapidly evolving and dynamic Chinese gas market will continue to have huge implications on Asian and global gas/LNG markets at large.

Through in-depth research and analysis, FGE’s China Gas Service allows clients to keep abreast of the latest gas/LNG sector developments in China and also obtain a forwardlooking view of the market.

Features & Benefits

  • Leading Gas/LNG Insights This service provides you with the very latest insights and analysis of China's gas/LNG sector, together with market developments, with a forward view of the market.
  • Comprehensive Data Analytics Independent analytics of China's gas/LNG market, providing clients with reliable data in which to base strategic decisions off.
  • Access to FGE's Gas/LNG Team Clients of our research, analysis, and data analytics can benefit from having consistent access to technical and/or commercial information on China's gas/LNG market.
  • On-going Consultation Clients can benefit not only from having access to our analysis, insights, and analytics, but also from having access to on-going consultation with our regional experts.
  • In-Depth Forecasts Detailed and reliable data forecasts developed in-house by FGE's modeling process which is based on a "bottom-up approach."
  • Coal and Power Sector Coverage The report also includes the latest monthly developments in the coal and power sectors.

Scope of Coverage

  • Data
    • Natural gas production 
    • Sectoral supply and demand
    • Regulatory framework
    • Pipelines and gas/LNG imports
    • LNG terminal build-up
    • Gas/LNG contract pricing
  • Deliverables
    • China Gas data tables (excel)
    • Annual client meeting on China's gas sector and market developments, including short- and long-term forecasts.
  • Consultation
    • Clients have access to email or telephone consultation with managers, consultants, and analysts for assistance with specific questions, providing additional data, analytic support, key insights, or advice.
    • Private teleconferencing or video conferencing with our regional gas/LNG experts.
    • Discounts are available to clients of FGE's services who wish to attend our executive briefings.

This Service Will Add Value To

  • Senior Managers who require a big picture of China's gas/LNG as well as coal/power sectors.
  • Traders and Analysts who require detailed information and analysis.
  • China Specialists who need intellectual engagement on China's gas/LNG and other energy issues.
  • Business Developers looking for trade and investment opportunities in China's gas/LNG markets.
  • Corporate/Strategic Planning for China country strategies.
  • Investment Bank Project Managers who require analysis of China's gas/LNG projects.
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