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Short-Term Gas/LNG Research & Analysis


Short-Term Gas/LNG Research & Analysis

FGE's gas/LNG retainer services provide our clients with a solid understanding of the energy markets at a global, regional, and product level.

Each of our retainer offerings consist of key deliverables (reports, data, and independent consultation) that focuses on the main products/regions/sectors within the industry, and the key happenings: what is happening, why it’s happening, what the driving forces are, and the implications involved.

FGE retainers are designed for an array of companies, industries, and geographical locations, and can furnish clients of all business types, from integrated oil and gas/LNG companies to financial institutions, shipping and transportation companies, and government agencies.

Our retainer services are proven to benefit our clients by:

  • Strengthening their understanding of the key fundamentals;
  • Providing the necessary resources available to make more accurate decisions;
  • Identifying paradigm shifts in the gas/LNG markets—allowing clients to prepare for the future more effectively.

Global Coverage

Spot New

Spot/Short-Term LNG

FGE's Spot/Short-Term LNG Report, an add-on to the East of Suez Gas Service, presents our fundamentals-based analysis of the spot and short-term LNG market, enhancing the client's abilities to capture opportunities in this rapidly evolving market segment.
Quarterly Lng New

Quarterly LNG Snapshot

The Quarterly LNG Snapshot is a comprehensive report focused on succinct and visual takeaways of critical developments in the past quarter and FGE’s up-to-date view of the future of the LNG market.

Regional Coverage

Euro New

Europe Gas Monthly

FGE's Europe Gas Monthly report provides clients with insights into recent market developments across the European markets.
Menagas New

Middle East & North Africa Gas Monthly

The Middle East & North Africa Gas Monthly report allows clients to develop a deep understanding of the key developments in the gas/LNG markets in the region.

Country Focus

China Service New

China Gas Service

FGE's China Gas Service provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of the key aspects of the gas sector developments and LNG business in China.
China Monthly New

China Gas Monthly

FGE's two-part monthly report on China's latest developments of the gas markets, LNG imports, and coal/power sectors.
Iran New (1)

Iran Oil and Gas Monthly

The Iran Oil and Gas suite of reports builds upon decades of research, consulting, and professional networking to provide our customers with detailed and comprehensive analysis of Iran's oil and gas industry.

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