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Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Market Analysis - Training

FGE’s customized training services provide clients with the fundamentals of the oil, natural gas, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) business, allowing the client to develop an understanding of the key issues, ongoing trends, and upcoming pivotal moments in the market.

Program Overview

This program is designed to build the knowledge/ expertise for analysts, traders, planners, and technicians in the essential fundamentals behind oil and gas/LNG markets, covering production, demand, refining, storage, transportation, and pricing.

In addition, the training will lay down the key fundamentals required for those looking to quickly enter the LNG market. At the same time, it will also provide our latest insights into the current trends in the business, movements of the main buyers/sellers, LNG pricing/contracting, spot/short-term trading, and the interconnectivity of regional LNG markets.

Our client-tailored training programs provide an excellent opportunity for your company to leverage the skills and insights of our consultants through a 2-day intensive program.

How Can FGE Help You?

Objectives of This Program:

  • Provide participants with a basic groundwork covering the main fundamental aspects of the oil and gas/LNG markets.
  • Allow participants to broaden their expertise, to help see the things in the wider context of the oil and gas/LNG industries.
  • Enhance participant's depth of knowledge, to help accelerate the next stage of their development.
  • Provide a refresher course for specialists, in order for them to keep up with developments elsewhere.
  • Provide your staff with the latest insights, pricing/contracting trends, and intelligence into what is going on in the LNG market.
  • Provide new entrants to the LNG market with the fundamentals required to understand the LNG business.

Benefits of FGE's Fundamentals Training Program:

  • Training programs are fully customized to meet the needs of the client, allowing your staff to gain maximum benefit from the sessions covered;
  • Highly specialized training programs led by a thought leader within the oil and gas/LNG industry;
  • Enable your staff to build their fundamental knowledge of the oil or gas/LNG market in a short time frame;
  • Training programs can take place either at the client's location or an FGE office (dependent upon numbers).

What Will Be Covered?

This training program can be tailored to meet the needs of the client. To discuss how we can tailor this training program to meet your needs, please contact a member of our sales team.

  • Supply and demand outlook (crude, petroleum products, natural gas, and LNG)
  • Supply/demand driving forces
  • Impact of oil supply/demand on pricing, production levels, refining, and trade flows
  • Refining overview (recent developments and the outlook for the refining sector)
  • Product balances and inventories
  • OPEC and its impact on the global oil recovery
  • The role of non-OPEC oil production
  • Price Outlook (WTI, Brent, etc.)
  • Overview of natural gas
  • Natural gas consumption by sector and region
  • Overview of LNG (liquefied natural gas)
  • Breakdown of LNG value chain
  • LNG pricing structures (short and long term)
  • Liquefaction and regasification technologies
  • Oil and gas/LNG storage
  • Shipping/transportation of crude, petroleum products, natural gas, and LNG
  • Challenges and opportunities facing the oil and gas markets

Further Information

If you require additional information on this or any FGE service, including requesting a trial, or you would like to discuss ways in which FGE can assist you further, please contact a member of our sales team:

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