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15th Middle East Gas Insiders (MGI) Briefing 2022

Event Overview

In-Person Briefing - 26-27 January, 2022

FGE is delighted to announce that our highly valued Middle East Petroleum Insiders (MPI) Briefing will be taking place in Bahrain early next year. After a gap of nearly 20 months since our last in-person briefing took place, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are thrilled to be scheduling dates for our next face-to-face events.

FGE's 28th Middle East Petroleum Insiders (MPI) Briefing 2022 will be taking place on 22-23 January, 2022. Please click here for further details.

MGI is a premier briefing to help executives build successful strategies in the LNG and natural gas business. MGI will share the latest insights on key developments in the global natural gas and LNG business, and also provides an in-depth review of the Asia and Middle East markets.

This intensive two-day briefing will provide a great level of detail on regional and intra-regional gas/LNG trades and highlight key issues on how LNG/gas markets are evolving over the longer term. Participants with backgrounds in business development, corporate strategies, investment, market analysis, gas/LNG marketing and sales will benefit from this briefing.


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This briefing will be relevant for people working in:

  • Corporate/strategic planning and government relations
  • Projects, operations and resources
  • New ventures/markets, commercial, and business development
  • Trading, shipping and chartering
  • Marketers and business development managers
  • Contracts and legal managers
  • Research, economics and market analysis
  • Gas and LNG
  • Negotiations and investments
  • Investment strategy
  • Economists, policy makers, corporate planners and analysts
  • Marketing and Business Development Managers

Event Agenda

Session 1

Setting the Scene—Oil & Gas/LNG Markets

Dr. Fesharaki shares his views on the key issues confronting the global oil and gas business.

Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki, Chairman, FGE

Session 2

Global LNG Market Outlook: Bumpy Ride for LNG Suppliers in a Changing World

  • How are operating and under construction projects meeting the strong demand growth? How are pre-FID projects holding up against unprecedented challenges after the pandemic, and how much new supply can we expect?
  • Will the energy transition impact the global LNG markets and if so how?
  • Global gas price forecasts and implications for buyers/sellers.

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 3

Round Table Session: Long Term Implications of Shifting Market Dynamics

  • Has Qatar adopted its LNG pricing strategy with new market realities? Latest creative pricing structures emerging in 2021; more indexation options—what draws buyers to consider WAHA/AECO/EU/JKM linked term deals? What is the buyer’s appetite for LT LNG? Are we to expect fewer MT deals? Price review—lessons learned and future directions; decarbonization —expectations vs. reality, and the increasing role that carbon neutral LNG will play.

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 4

MENA Gas Market: Feast or Famine?

  • How will MENA domestic gas supply and demand grow in the post-COVID era? Will the region reach self-sufficiency in gas supply?
  • Middle East domestic gas prices in a global context. What is a fair price for natural gas in the Middle East?
  • Will renewable energies and efficiency gains slow down gas demand growth? What about price reforms?
  • MENA’s strategies to move toward a carbon neutral world.

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 5

China: LNG Market Outlook in Asia: Where Is the New Demand?

  • Japan: Demand to remain steady as the government overpromises on its zero-emissions target. What strategies will buyers take when significant volumes of existing long-term contracts are expiring.
  • Korea: Is Korea’s new Power Plan and carbon neutrality goals realistic? Outlook for gas balance, discussion on private importers’ demand outlook, and LNG pricing.
  • Taiwan: Discussion on Taiwan’s upcoming referendum and 2025 power plans. Progress on Taiwan’s independent LNG procurement.
  • China: China’s gas market liberalization: The rise of PipeChina. China’s rising pipeline gas imports and the impact on LNG growth
  • India: What is supporting near-term LNG imports into India? An overview of the Indian buyers and their roles. How much long-term appetite do the Indian buyers have?
  • Existing LNG importers in Asia: What drives gas/LNG demand? Will there be new buyers, and how much more can they buy?
  • New and Upcoming LNG importers: New LNG importers in Asia: What is the ability to pay in these markets? What are the keys to unlocking LNG demand for new LNG importers?

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 6

Deep Dive into Asia-Key Country Developments

  • Regional gas/LNG trades post-COVID: How have Middle East gas/LNG suppliers adapted to the new market changes?
  • How does the domestic gas supply surplus change the LNG export landscape in Egypt, the UAE, and Oman?
  • Qatar’s North Field LNG Expansion: what are the regional and global implications?
  • A review of intra-regional gas trade by pipeline and its impacts on LNG imports in the future: How does East Med gas impact regional LNG supply/demand?
  • What is the long-term outlook for LNG imports into the region?

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 7

LNG Market Outlook in the West

  • Role of Europe in Balancing Global LNG Supply/Demand. Decarbonizing Europe and implications for global LNG supply
  • How does Russian gas compete with LNG in Europe?
  • LNG in Latin America: How will the market dynamics shift in the long term?

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 8

LNG Short-Term Trading

  • Short-term LNG outlook: Key developments in market fundamentals and implications for spot LNG prices.
  • LNG trading: How are buyers and sellers adapting to an increasingly volatile market?
  • On the road to commoditization: Spot LNG liquidity and rising interconnectedness of regional price benchmarks.

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 9

LNG Shipping, Floating Regasification, and Liquefaction

  • The prospects of spot and short-term charter rates in 2022.
  • Overview of the existing LNG fleet and order books. How many more LNG vessels will be needed to balance the market?
  • Qatar’s new orders and implications for the shipping market.
  • Floating storage and regas units (FSRUs): Is it still a profitable business for shipping companies? Does the LNG market need more FSRU orders in the near term? What is the outlook for floating liquefaction?
  • IMO 2030 & 2050: LNG vs. other alternative fuels for bunkering.

Speaker: T.B.C.

The organizers reserve the right to alter the content and timings of the agenda.


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