28th Annual Condensate & Naphtha Forum


The Condensate & Naphtha Forum, held annually since 1996 in Asia, the Middle East & Australia, has evolved into an annual “must attend” event for serious producers, buyers & sellers of Condensate & Naphtha. With business interactions at the highest levels, underscored by the presence of market leaders in the condensate, naphtha and petrochemical industries, the Forum provides an annual platform for the exchange of industry dialogue and networking opportunities.

Conference Theme: Bridging Horizons - New Condensate Supplies & Naptha Transitions

In the foreseeable future, significant shifts are expected in the global energy landscape, particularly in the realms of condensate supply and naphtha markets. As new projects come online and geopolitical tensions persist, the dynamics of these sectors will undoubtedly undergo profound transformations:-

  • Anticipation of a surge in condensate supplies driven by major projects like Qatar's North Field expansions and Saudi Arabia's Jafurah Basin initiative
  • Projections indicate an additional 500 kb/d of condensate entering the market from 2025 to the early 2030s
  • Despite economic uncertainties and geopolitical tensions, the resilience of the naphtha market remains evident
  • The Asia Pacific naphtha deficit is forecasted to widen by the late 2020s, signalling potential opportunities and challenges
  • Naphtha's value relative to crude is expected to strengthen amidst evolving global petrochemical dynamics


Join top management and energy experts from leading condensate producers, buyers and sellers in-person in Penang this year, for frank discussions on the factors above and the opportunities and challenges of the industry.

FGE Chairman Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki and President Dr. Jeff Brown will be the co-chairmen of the 28th Annual Condensate & Naphtha Forum, held in Penang, Malaysia in November 2024.

Conference Co-Chairmen


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Further information on the 28th Condensate & Naphtha Forum will be provided in the coming months.

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