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24th Middle East Petroleum Insiders (MPI) 2017

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A strategic vision of the Middle East/Gulf’s upstream and downstream oil markets.

The dramatic fall in oil prices created a new set of dynamics in the global oil market, generating a range of fundamental questions for developments in the Middle East and beyond. Reduced revenue is clearly impacting economies of the region, but how will regional demand be affected, or the investment plans for new local refineries? How will the Middle East’s crude and products export markets fare in this environment? Will China’s oil demand growth pick up again, or will the recent upsurge in China’s products exports continue? What is the likely impact of the recent improvement in prices on oil production outside the Middle East? Can this higher price level be sustained by the recent switch to output constraint policies by key producers?

These issues will all be addressed at the 24th Middle East Petroleum Insiders Briefing which provides a unique, authoritative, and up-to-date perspective on the regional and global implications of the new low oil price world.

Last year’s event focused on the anticipated persistent low level of oil prices; this year, we will be assessing whether key producers’ attempts to push up prices will stick. Both the up and downstream will be covered, covering detailed regional perspectives on production, oil demand, refining capacity and utilization, with the implications for the Middle East’s role in the rapidly-changing landscape of international products trade.


MPI will be taking place during the Middle East Petroleum and Gas Conference 2017 week of events. FGE's Middle East Gas Insiders (MGI) Briefing will be taking place on May 3-4, 2017.


  • Day 1: AM Sessions
    Agenda April 29, A.M

    Session 1: Key Issues Confronting the Global Oil & Gas Markets

    • Dr. Fesharaki shares his views on the key issues confronting the global oil and gas business.


    Session 2: Oil Market Outlook

    • Will the current attempts to support/raise oil prices be successful? When could there be sustained price recovery?
    • Supply-side impact: How quickly could non-OPEC supply respond to higher oil prices?
    • Demand-side impact: Will the previous demand stimulus from low prices now be constrained and why?
    • Who are the main winners and losers if prices recover further?
    • Is there a supply shock down the road due to recent low prices, or will there be a persistent oil market surplus?


    Session 3: Global Oil Supply

    • Will the latest attempts to restrain oil output be successful?
    • How responsive is US tight oil production?
    • What are the longer-term prospects for non-OPEC production in a continued low-price world?
    • How will this change global market dynamics and crude oil trade patterns?
  • Day 1: PM Sessions
    Agenda April 29, P.M

    Session 4: Deep Dive on Asia: Major Changes and Challenges Ahead

    • Asian demand outlook: Following the recent burst, steady but slower growth ahead. What are the key drivers and uncertainties?
    • Refinery capacity: Additions and closures—a glimpse of a silver lining on the horizon?
    • Products balances: Balances of light products set to become tighter? IMO mandate to alleviate gasoil surplus?
    • What are the potential pressure points? Refining margins gain better ground?


    China Brief

    • Changing government role in energy. Further surprises ahead?
    • Outlook for oil products demand and SPRs?
    • Domestic refining surplus reshaping investment strategies? More project delays and cancellations?
    • New horizons for teapot refineries? Will a level playing field be set soon?
    • Changing dynamics with the increase in product export quotas? Significant rise in exports down the road?


    Japan Brief

    • Lower oil prices did little to arrest demand decline.
    • Update on METI Ordinance II pushing capacity closures. Will METI issue Ordinance III?
    • Impact of industry consolidation? Expected outcome of the two mega-mergers.


    India Brief

    • India’s oil demand setting on a strong and steady growth path?
    • Refining sector: Expansions and upgrades underway. Are state refiners considering building new refineries?
    • Will rising demand keep a lid on future product exports?


    Other Major Players

    • Korea: Maintaining high runs?
    • Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia: Shifting priorities?
    • Australia and Vietnam: Changing crude and product imports.
  • Day 2: AM Sessions
    Agenda April 30, A.M

    Session 5: West of Suez Refining & Products Trade: Implications for East of Suez Markets

    • Have US refining dynamics changed again?
    • Will US crude exports have an impact?
    • Latin America & Africa: Will the slowdown in refining capacity additions open up new trading opportunities from other regions?
    • What is the outlook for Russian products exports?
    • Changing patterns of Atlantic Basin products trade: Is European refining still under siege?


    Session 6: Middle East

    • Prospects for Iraqi crude output: Is the government struggling to meet its targets?
    • Outlook for Middle East oil demand: Are subsidy policy changes shifting trends?
    • Who is building what refining capacity and why?
    • Middle East refining expansions and growing products exports: Heading east or west?
  • Day 2: PM Sessions
    Agenda April 30, P.M

    Session 7: Special Focus on Iran

    • Sanctions—What’s next? Can crude output keep rising?
    • Crude exports—Where is Iran targeting and what’s the next frontier?
    • Gasoline—Will Iran become a net exporter?
    • Fuel oil—Where will the surplus go?
    • SIRAF condensate splitting project—Is it feasible?


    Session 8: The Outlook for LPG and Condensate

    • How will recent price shifts impact US production and exports?
    • How will US exports impact the Asian LPG market?
    • New splitters and Iranian supplies—Which will drive the market?


    Session 9: Conclusions: Challenges and Opportunities

    • How are changing prices and strategies impacting different industry players?
    • Where are the opportunities?
    • What are the key sensitivities and potential alternative scenarios?

Meet our Speakers

Ff Website
Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki
Chairman, FGE

Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki is the Founder and Chairman of FGE. FGE is a leading consulting group focusing on the oil and gas markets East of the Suez, Europe, and the United States, with offices in London, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Tehran, Dubai, Honolulu, California, and Mumbai. 

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Jeff Brown Website
Dr. Jeff Brown
President, FGE

Dr. Jeff Brown, as President, leads FGE’s oil and gas consulting teams. He is based at our Asian headquarters in Singapore, working closely with FGE consultants in Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

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Michael Barry Website
Mr. Michael Barry
Research Director, FGE London

Michael Barry has over 30 years of experience in oil/energy consultancy. He graduated with an M.A. in Economics from Cambridge University in 1978 and was employed as an economic report writer for Lloyds Bank, before spending 10 years at Petroleum Economics Ltd (PEL) where he was responsible for short-term oil and energy market analysis.

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