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17th Pacific Gas Insiders Briefing 2017

A well-established annual 2-day forum for gas executives to assess options for building successful strategies for investment in LNG, pipelines, downstream natural gas, and power markets.

PGI 2017 will provide the opportunity to discuss key topics surrounding the ever changing gas and LNG business. Key developments in new and existing markets for natural gas in Asia will be covered; how new LNG supplies both from the US and Australia will affect trade flows will be discussed; and recent trends in LNG pricing and contract terms will be reviewed. All this will be in the context of the global market as LNG transforms from a regional to a global business.


  • Day 1: AM Sessions
    Agenda December 4, A.M

    Session 1: Key Issues Confronting the Global Oil & Gas Markets

    • Dr. Fesharaki shares his views on the key issues confronting the global oil and gas business.


    Session 2: LNG in 2017—Supply Surges, Demand Up in Asia and Prices Converge

    • Supply on course to increase by over 10% led by Australia and the US.
    • Demand growth strongest in Asia and Europe’s imports also increase.
    • Prices stable in the $4 to $6/mmBtu range for much of the year.
    • Only one Final Investment Decision (FID) in the first 7 months of the year.


    Session 3: Established Asian Markets for LNG—Japan, Korea, and Taiwan

    • Japan: JERA’s strategy—what is preventing JERA from renewing expiring contracts and signing new contracts? What options would Japanese buyers choose when 35 mmtpa of the existing contracts expire over 2019-2025?
    • Korea: The role of gas in power generation given the new government. Outlook for gas balance, for new buyers, and LNG pricing.
    • Taiwan: Independent LNG procurement—when will it take off? What is the realistic picture for Taiwan’s future power generation mix amidst a potential power shortage?
  • Day 1: PM Sessions
    Agenda December 4, P.M

    Session 4: New Asian LNG Markets

    • Gas/LNG infrastructure and overview of the new/emerging markets
    • LNG vs. competing fuels.
    • Key themes affecting LNG demand.
    • Who can buy LNG, and how much can they buy?


    Session 5: LNG Supply—Key Challenges Ahead

    • When will the projects under construction come onstream and how much supply will they add?
    • FIDs on new capacity are being delayed by buyers’ reluctance to enter into binding off-take agreements.
    • The end of Qatar’s moratorium adds to the competition for new supply commitments.
    • How will developers respond to buyer demands for shorter term and more flexible contracts?
    • How much new supply is needed after 2020 and where will it come from?
  • Day 2: AM Sessions
    Agenda December 5, A.M

    Session 6: China’s Gas Market and LNG Imports

    • Gas policies in China: 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020).
    • Long-term outlook for LNG imports: Huge potential for growth?
    • Emerging LNG importers: How do they affect the gas market?
    • Unconventional gas in China: Ready to take off?
    • Pipeline gas imports: Implications for LNG.


    Session 7: Energy-Hungry India’s Gas Demand Outlook and the Challenges Ahead

    • Domestic production: What is being done to fix the declining domestic production? When will the decline end?
    • What does LNG demand look like without government subsidies in the power sector? Can the industrial and commercial sectors carry the weight?
    • Price sensitivity in India: How does LNG compare with alternate fuels in India?
    • LNG terminals outlook: Where does India’s current receiving and regasification infrastructure stand? How is that expected to change in the future?
    • What is the current status of the pipeline projects in India?


    Session 8: Round Table Session—Emerging New Norms Amidst Shifting Market Dynamics

    This session will be based on selected questions that will be gathered from attendees. Topics may include: How have pricing and non-pricing terms in LNG contracts evolved in the past? What are the types of creative deal structures in the market? What would you pick as a short/mid-term index? JCC, JKM, NBP…? Can emerging buyers save the LNG market? Future potential for LNG bunkering: when, where, and how? Which European terminals are accessible for swap arrangements with Asian buyers?

  • Day 2: PM Sessions
    Agenda December 5, P.M

    Session 9: Round Table Session—Unfolding Solutions and Establishing New Forms

    • Security of supply & declining indigenous production: Key drivers behind Europe’s increasing LNG demand. Is Europe the solution to Asia’s oversupply situation?
    • The Russian response, will Gazprom boost exports to Europe, implications for Asia re-exports.
    • The Middle East’s growing and upcoming LNG importers.
    • North America’s transformation from an LNG import to an export region.
    • Latin America: Weather, pipeline gas imports, domestic gas production and its effects on LNG imports.


    Session 10: Short-Term Trading

    • Recent trends in spot/short-term LNG trading.
    • What role does short-term trade play in the Asian market? How does this fit into the global spot market?
    • What is the outlook for spot/short-term trading in Asia?
    • Seasonality of Asia’s short-term balance and its impact on prices.


    Session 11: LNG Shipping, Floating Regasification and Liquefaction

    • What are the prospects for a strengthening in charter rates?
    • Orders for new ships slow, but how many more will be needed by 2020, 2025?
    • Floating storage and regas units (FSRUs) are the preferred option for new LNG receiving terminals, but how many more will be needed?
    • Floating liquefaction is now a reality, but how many more units will be built?


    Summary and Close

Meet our Speakers

Ff Website
Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki
Chairman, FGE

Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki is the Founder and Chairman of FGE. His work is well-recognized worldwide for pioneering oil and gas market analysis and studies of the Asia Pacific/Middle East energy markets since the early 1980s. 

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Shasha Fesharaki Website
Mr. Shasha Fesharaki
Executive Vice Chairman and Managing Director, FGE Hawaii

Shasha holds an MBA with an emphasis on International Business. He specializes in LNG marketing and is responsible for providing buyers and sellers with sourcing and placement strategies for LNG. 

read more


Alexis Aik
Ms. Alexis Aik
Managing Director, Global Gas/LNG Team, FGE Singapore

Alexis Aik heads the group’s gas/LNG research and consulting practice from the Singapore office. She also manages the group’s commercial practice (Commercial Advisory Service) with a team of experienced LNG experts.

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Andy Flower
Mr. Andy Flower
Distinguished Associate, FGE

Andy retired from BP after 32 years of service. For the last 22 years he was involved in BP’s LNG and natural gas business activities where his final post was as Senior Adviser, Global LNG. At various times, Andy managed BP’s interests in projects in Nigeria, Abu Dhabi, Australia, and Qatar.

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