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11th Middle East Gas Insiders (MGI) Briefing 2017

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The Middle East’s growing gas market & implications for global gas trade.

The Middle East Gas Insiders (MGI) briefing is a premier briefing to help executives build successful strategies in the LNG and natural gas business. MGI will share the latest insights on key developments in the global natural gas and LNG business with an in-depth review of the Asia and Middle East markets.

The intensive two-day briefing will provide a great level of detail on regional and intra-regional gas/LNG trades and highlight key issues on how LNG/gas markets are evolving over the longer term. In addition, a special session on Iran postsanctions will discuss potential business opportunities in this re-emerging energy superpower. Participants with background of business development, corporate strategies, investment, market analysis, gas/LNG marketing and sales will benefit from this briefing.


MGI will be taking place during the Middle East Petroleum and Gas Conference 2017 week of events. FGE's Middle East Petroleum Insiders (MPI) Briefing will be taking place on April 29-30, 2017.


  • Day 1: AM Sessions
    Agenda May 3, A.M

    Session 1: Setting the Scene—Oil & Gas/LNG Markets

    • Rebalancing of the oil markets: What issues matter?
    • Recovery of the LNG industry: When and how?
    • How should LNG buyers and sellers position themselves in the face of new market realities?
    • What are the wildcards for LNG? —The knowns and unknowns.


    Session 2: Global LNG Market Outlook: Supply Growth Accelerates

    • Snapshot of the LNG market in 2016: How much LNG was supplied in 2016 and what are the short-/long-term supply/demand prospects? How much supply will the projects under construction add and by when?
    • What has been the impact of low prices on planned new liquefaction capacity?
    • How competitive is US LNG against projects in Australia, Russia, and East Africa?
    • Buyers’ reluctance to commit to new long-term supply means few FIDs for new capacity. If FIDs on new capacity are delayed, will there be a supply shortfall post-2020?


    Session 3: LNG Pricing: What are the Markets Offering?

    • Global gas/LNG price forecasts—What are the key drivers and regional differences until 2030?
    • What is the outlook for spot LNG prices in Asia and what does this mean for the Middle East?
    • What are the current and future contracting trends with respect to price and non-price terms?
    • How will US LNG prices compare with oil-linked prices in Asia and Europe through 2030?
  • Day 1: PM Sessions
    Agenda May 3, P.M

    Session 4: LNG Market Outlook in Asia: New Demand, Where?

    • Japan: JERA’s strategy—Signing greenfield projects vs. renewing existing contracts. How will industry deregulation and nuclear policy affect Japan’s demand?
    • Korea: The role of gas in the future energy mix in light of deregulation and increasing environmental sensitives. Outlook for new buyers and LNG pricing.
    • Taiwan: Implications of key policy changes on Taiwan’s future LNG procurement.
    • China: Second-tier LNG importers: How do they affect the Chinese majors? Gas price reform in China—what’s next? Unconventional gas in China: Ready to take off?
    • India: LNG terminals outlook: When the price is favorable, how much LNG volume can India bring in and how is that expected to change in the future?
    • New and upcoming LNG importers in Asia: Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. What are the drivers for gas/LNG demand?


    Session 5: MENA Gas Market: How the MENA Gas Market is Evolving

    • How will MENA domestic gas demand grow in the future? Will renewable energies and efficiency gains slow down the gas demand growth?
    • Why is there a gas supply shortage? What is the prospect of conventional and/or unconventional gas supply in the region? Will the MENA gas supply shortage remain a permanent phenomenon?
    • Will Iran play a significant role as a regional gas player? What are the implications for other gas suppliers in the Middle East Gulf?


    Session 6: Gas Trade in the MENA Region: Will There be a Breakthrough on Regional Trade?

    • Fundamental shifts in the MENA LNG market: Who are the existing LNG buyers? When can we expect more LNG importers? What is long-term outlook for LNG imports in Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, and others?
    • A review of intra-regional gas trade by pipeline: What are the real pipeline gas export prospects? Will pipeline gas eliminate MENA’s incremental LNG imports in the future?
    • What will be the role of the MENA gas/LNG exports in the global markets? Can we expect Iran to be an LNG exporter in the future?
  • Day 2: AM Sessions
    Agenda May 4, A.M

    Session 7: LNG Short-Term Trading

    • How is short-term LNG priced? What are the market dynamics that affect this price?
    • Recent trends in spot/short-term LNG trading and prices.
    • What role does short-term trade play in the East of Suez market?
    • What is the outlook for spot/short-term trading in Asia?


    Session 8: Gas/LNG Demand in the Atlantic Basin

    • Europe’s declining natural gas demand—will it recover?
    • What is Europe’s strategy in gas/LNG procurement? Will Russia’s gas empire continue in Europe?
    • LNG in Africa: Can we expect new LNG buyers?
    • Latin America’s LNG demand outlook: Can we expect demand growth?
  • Day 2: PM Sessions
    Agenda May 4, P.M

    Session 9: LNG Shipping, Floating Regasification, and Liquefaction

    • Will the increase in LNG production bring the shipping market into balance and result in higher charter rates?
    • What impact will the Panama Canal have on the LNG shipping market?
    • Floating storage and regas units (FSRUs) in operation and on order.
    • How many new import projects will be developed using FSRUs?
    • Is floating liquefaction a niche technology?


    Session 10: Round Table Session - Unfolding Solutions and Establishing New Norms

Meet our Speakers

Ff Website
Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki
Chairman, FGE

Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki is the Founder and Chairman of FGE. FGE is a leading consulting group focusing on the oil and gas markets East of the Suez, Europe, and the United States, with offices in London, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Tehran, Dubai, Honolulu, California, and Mumbai. 

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Shasha Fesharaki Website
Mr. Shasha Fesharaki
President, FGE

Shasha holds an MBA with an emphasis on International Business. He specializes in LNG marketing and pricing, and is responsible for providing buyers and sellers with sourcing and placement strategies for LNG, participating as well in bi-lateral negotiations for LNG Sales and Purchase Agreements.

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Siamak Website
Mr. Siamak Adibi
Senior Consultant & Head of Middle East Gas Team, FGE London

Siamak, born in Iran, specializes in the natural gas/LNG business with a focus on the Middle East, North Africa, and CIS countries. He has extensive analytical experience and insights as well as practical experience in the Iranian oil and gas sector for over a decade. Mr. Adibi served for a number of years with the National Iranian Gas Export Company (NIGEC). At NIGEC, Siamak was involved with several commercial negotiations in marketing and sales of gas by pipeline to Europe, the Persian Gulf, and CIS regions.



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