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23rd Pacific Gas Insiders (PGI) Briefing 2024

Event Overview

In-Person Conference - Hotel Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore - 7-8 March 2024

An industry-leading annual forum for gas executives to assess options for building successful strategies for investment in LNG, pipelines, downstream natural gas, and power markets.

PGI 2024 will provide the opportunity to discuss key topics surrounding the ever-changing gas and LNG business. Major developments in new and existing markets for natural gas in Asia will be covered, particularly considering surging European LNG demand given the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The impact of new LNG supplies on trade flows will be discussed. Recent trends in LNG pricing and contract terms will be reviewed. All this will be considered in the context of the global market as the need for LNG and energy security continues to be at the forefront of consumers’ and governments’ priorities. 

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Goods and Services Tax (GST) at the prevailing rate will be applicable and invoiced to all Singapore registered companies for this event. 


Registering for PGI and LNGA 2024

PGI 2024 will be taking place directly after LNG Supplies for Asian Markets (LNGA) 2024 in Singapore (5-6 March 2024). Discounts are available to clients wishing to attend both PGI and LNGA 2023. If you would like to register for both PGI and LNGA 2023, or you would like to find out what discounts are available, please contact:

Conference Connection
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +65 6338 0064


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This briefing will be relevant for people working in:

  • Corporate/strategic planning and government relations
  • Projects, operations and resources
  • New ventures/markets, commercial, and business development
  • Trading, shipping and chartering
  • Marketers and business development managers
  • Contracts and legal managers
  • Research, economics and market analysis
  • Gas and LNG
  • Negotiations and investments
  • Investment strategy
  • Economists, policy makers, corporate planners and analysts
  • Marketing and Business Development Managers

Event Agenda

Session 1

Setting the Scene—Oil & Gas/LNG Markets

Session 2

Roundtable Session - Long-Term Implications of Shifting Market Dynamics

  • Highlights of 2023 contracting.
  • Several emerging buyers paused their procurement activity in 2023 while offers remained high. Will the market see a slew of conclusions in 2024?
  • Are other buyers reluctant to sign long-term LNG with hopes pinned on hydrogen and renewables? Is the clock ticking on buyers that have been hurt by high prompt prices?
  • What price level can we expect to see for the next long-term oil-linked deal? Can buyers and sellers see eye-to-eye? Will the anticipation of another new supply wave bring slopes down despite the prevailing market tightness?
  • After a period of intensive US LNG contracting activities in 2022-2023, what’s next for the US LNG projects that are yet to reach FID?
  • Ongoing and upcoming price reviews – who and when? Dilemmas faced by buyers and sellers.

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 3

China’s Gas Market and LNG Imports

  • Role of gas in China’s quest for carbon-neutrality.
  • Outlook for LNG Imports and emerging players’ term LNG procurement activities.
  • Gas-on-gas competition: What are the most and least expensive gas and LNG import prices that China is paying?
  • Changes to domestic gas/LNG pricing and how it affects downstream players’ LNG purchase strategies.

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 4

LNG Supply Outlook

  • Carbon Capture: Established producers are bringing in new rules for carbon neutral production. What are the costs of these regulations?
  • Where do we see supply growth outside of North America? How is the North Field Expansion progressing, and which markets will contract this supply?

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 5

LNG Shipping Market - What LNG players need to know

  • How will the LNG shipping market impact buyers’ procurement strategies over the next 5 years?
  • What are the prospects of spot/short-term charter rates in 2024?
  • What impact will rising vessel costs have on long-term charter rates?
  • Panama Canal: How will the bottleneck impact the cost of bringing US LNG to Asia?
  • What are buyers’ current options in FSRU market: How many FSRUs will become available in the short term?

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 6

Established Asian LNG Markets - Japan, Korea, and Taiwan

  • Japan: What will cause buyers to start signing term contracts, and what are they looking for in future contracts?
  • Korea: What are the key drivers of Korea’s gas market outlook? Discussions on net zero target, the evolving role of KOGAS vs private importers, and LNG pricing/commercial discussions.
  • Taiwan: Implications and uncertainties from 2024 elections on Taiwan’s nuclear pathway, LNG terminal developments, dynamics between CPC and emerging buyers and more.

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 7

New Asian LNG Markets

  • Existing and new Asian LNG importers: What drives gas/LNG demand? What is the prospect for domestic gas supply in each market?
  • What are the keys to unlocking LNG demand from new importers? What is the ability to pay in these markets?
  • Status of planned LNG import projects in these markets and progress towards LNG procurement for new importers.

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 8

India’s Gas/LNG Demand to Face Near-Term Headwinds, but Will Grow Strongly in the Long Term

  • Overview of India’s gas market.
  • Upstream policies favor growth, but is it enough to meet India’s demand through the long-term? An overview of upstream policies in India and any potential changes expected.
  • What is the status of regasification and pipeline projects in India? What changes can be expected in the mid-term?
  • Downstream policies still contradict plans to boost gas’ share in the energy mix continue to favor coal and renewables. High prices have stalled liquids-to-gas switching and air quality concerns still linger, but when will we see India’s LNG demand growth return?
  • An overview of Indian buyers and their roles. How much long-term appetite do Indian buyers have and when will their procurement commence?

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 9

Short-Term Trading

  • Unveiling market dynamics and the implications on spot LNG prices.
  • Key Asian LNG importers to watch in 2024.
  • How has Europe’s shifting gas usage patterns affected TTF prices? And, how does this affect LNG spot prices in Asia?

Speaker: T.B.C.

Session 10

Europe Gas Dynamics and Implications for Global LNG Trade

  • What is the likelihood of an increase in Russian pipeline gas supply to Europe post war? How much LNG is required in Europe and for how long?
  • Does FGE expect the global LNG trade flows to evolve further through the mid-term?
  • How will natural gas compete with green energy in Europe?
  • The implications of CBAM on downstream gas/LNG demand in Asia and carbon pricing policies in Asia
  • EU ETS price outlook

Speaker: T.B.C.

The organizers reserve the right to alter the content and timings of the agenda.


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