FGE's 30th Pacific Petroleum Insiders (PPI) Briefing 2020


In-depth Analysis and Insights for the Downstream Oil Market

Crude oil and products markets are being roiled by an array of forces—ranging from volatile geopolitics and fluctuating oil prices, to the impact of US exports and impending restrictions on sulfur in marine bunkers. Long-standing industry players are confronting new entrants, while seeing new business opportunities.

The Asia Pacific remains as the critical driver of global growth, but it increasingly interacts with far-away regions. It is crucial to understand the forces behind these interactions, and how they will change over time.

Aside from market forces in the ever-changing world, it is vital to have insights on opaque government policies and shifting corporate priorities. FGE is uniquely qualified to shine a light on these key issues.


PGI 2020 will be taking place 10-11 September, 2020. Further details will be released later in the year.

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