38th JCCP International Symposium


Ever since its establishment in 1981, JCCP has been holding an annual international symposium to promote dialogue and cooperation between Japan and oil-producing countries with the aim of stabilizing the supply and demand of oil. Oil is an extremely precious resource for oil & gas producing countries and Japan alike. We have the responsibility of using oil carefully, and passing on this precious resource to the next generation. Working in the oil’s downstream industry, we are called on to fulfill our responsibilities by reforming and improving relevant technologies and management, and making ceaseless efforts to enhance the efficiency of the oil energy system. To make these possible, we feel that developing human resources who will bear this responsibility is of utmost importance.

The 38th JCCP International Symposium is being held under the main theme of “Aiming for the Sustainability of the Oil and Gas Industry - Emerging issues and how to tackle them -”, as a part of which Leaders Panel 1 has been planned in the morning of the symposium and two Leaders Panels in the afternoon, namely, Leaders Panel 2 for Management Strategy and HRD Cooperation and Leaders Panel 3 for Technical Cooperation. To ensure sustainable growth and development of the oil and gas industry, we hope to examine opportunities for dialogue and cooperation between the oil-producing countries and Japan from the two aspects of human resources development and technological innovation.

FGE Speakers

Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki, Chairman FGE


JCCP International Symposium

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