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Are cars more fuel efficient than a year ago?


The European Environment Agency published preliminary data about the fuel efficiency of the cars sold in 2013, claiming that they were 4% more efficient from a year ago and 10% more efficient compared to 2010.

This, however, is based on values declared by the car manufacturers, who measure the emissions under the "New European Driving Cycle".

In reality, fuel consumption is likely to be higher, by up to one third. While the European commission is planning to revamp the testing process, introducing the so-called "worldwide harmonized light vehicles test procedures - WLTP" claiming the new testing procedure would be much more realistic. Reportedly, the car manufacturers want to postpone the introduction now planned for 2017 to post-2020 as with the new testing procedure it is likely that  the majority will miss the targets (135g CO2/km by 2015 and 95g CO2/km by 2020).


Further information on FGE's European Oil Monthly can be found online by clicking on the link below.


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