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    Annual World Refining Outlook 2024

    Oil & Products | Oil Multi-Client Studies

    A detailed assessment of the mid/long-term operating environment for global refining and the implications for products trade.


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    The Outlook for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

    Multi-Client Study

    FGE's latest study tackles some of the most common questions about the future of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).


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    Short-Term LNG Market Analysis

    Gas/LNG Retainer Services

    Enhancing our clients’ abilities to capture opportunities in this rapidly evolving market segment


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Market Coverage

Independent Analysis and Forecasting of the Energy Markets


FGE is dedicated to helping its clients make more effective commercial and trading decision by providing leading independent and reliable energy forecasting across multiple sectors. Which markets are you interested in?

Energy Transition Services - FGE

Energy Transition

FGE’s coverage of the Energy Transition provides comprehensive analysis and data to help mitigate the risks involved in transitioning your business strategies and investment towards a net-zero-carbon future.
Crude Oil Services - FGE

Crude Oil

FGE’s crude oil market coverage delivers independent and timely analysis, insights and data forecasts of short- and long-term supply, demand, pricing, trade, and inventories, to help market participants drive their business forward in an ever-competitive environment.
Oil Product Services - FGE

Oil Products

FGE's oil products coverage provides independent updates on regional and global products supply/demand projections for light (gasoline and naphtha), middle (gasoil, diesel, jet fuel and kerosene) and heavy (fuel oil) distillate products, highlighting key potential pressure points and regional flows.
Refining and Downstream Services - FGE


Our coverage gives you a unique and independent perspective on the short- and long-term economic operating environment for the refining sector, so you can better position yourself in this highly competitive market.
Natural Gas Services - FGE

Natural Gas

FGE’s natural gas market coverage delivers valuable insights, analysis, strategic advice and analytics on the global gas market, with a particular focus on the East of Suez region and is designed to help market participants drive their business forward in an ever-competitive environment.
LNG Services - FGE


FGE’s Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) market coverage provides detailed fundamentals-based analysis, insights and forecasts of each aspect of the East of Suez LNG value chain, including supply and demand, price forecasts and contractual data.
LPG & Ethane Services - FGE

LPG & Ethane

FGE’s LPG and Ethane markets coverage enables users to identify market trends and key issues affecting the LPG markets, and provides independent price and supply/demand forecasts, as well as detailed insights and analysis.
Condensate & Naphtha Services - FGE

Condensate & Naphtha

Our coverage of the condensate and naphtha markets explores the special relationship that these two products have with each other to provide detailed supply, demand and trade analysis to help you develop trading, hedging and business strategies that are based on reliable and accurate data and analysis.
Data Services

A Wealth of Data Goes in to Support Our Analysis

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Behind the analysis that goes into our reports, studies, training, and advisory services is a wealth of data that spans multiple sectors, regions, countries, products, and timeframes. From short-term data coverage covering the next 12 months, to long-term forecasts out to 2040, FGE's data is available in our Online Data Systems (Oil ODS and LNG ODS) and excel format.

Price Forecasts

Dated Brent (BFOE), WTI, Dubai, Urals Med, LNG (Asia Spot, NBP, Asia New Long-Term), etc.

NGLs Data

LPG Pricing, Imports/Import Projects, Trade Flows, Inventories, LPG Supply/Demand, etc.

Crude Oil Data

US Producer Hedging, Oil Supply/Demand, OPEC Crude Oil Output, OECD Stocks, etc.

Gas/LNG Data

LNG Supply/Demand, LNG Contracts, Contracted LNG Volumes, Liquefaction Capacity, etc.

Refining Data

Refinery Runs, Refinery Margins, Product Cracks, Maintenance Schedule, Utilisation Rates, etc.

Refined Products Data

Product Supply/Demand, Products Trade, Inventories/Stocks, Pricing, etc.